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Thomas gravesen

Discussion in 'Ex Players' started by DEADEYECFC, Jun 21, 2016.

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    Paul Telfer wasn't great, however Nakamura always seemed to play class when Telfer was playing
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    It kind of does, really

    Fascism: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.
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    Thomas Gravesen was Denmark's probably biggest football star ten years ago. The bald man with the magic and the loud voice was a famous face all over the world. That's what happens when you've played for Real Madrid with Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo and David Beckham.

    But suddenly Thomas Gravesen reported himself.

    In 2006 he stopped at the Danish national team, in 2009 he set his career, and it is 12 years since the now 42-year-old national team player has given a big interview. The otherwise outlawed dude became a mystery, and he has been in many ways ever since.

    Now, however, Thomas Gravesen takes the magazine out of his mouth - almost 10 years after he set his career. Tipsbladet.dk has met the former national team player in Vejle, where he lives and in many ways lives a fairly ordinary life.

    Thomas Gravesen, why have you been so quiet for more than 10 years?

    - I do not know why. I might just think I needed a break after my career and then I went to the United States and lived. There were some things that had to be cleaned and thought through. You get a lot of impression when you travel around the world, and I think I should be allowed to think them through yourself, without all Denmark being followed - or the whole world for that matter. I have received that, and I have received great support from my family and friends. There has been no mystery, I just think I needed a break from everything, says Thomas Gravesen to tipsbladet.dk.

    You say there has been no mystery, but I think many people just perceive it as mysterious. Can you understand them?

    "We all have an opinion. I think these are the few that can get into someone else and how he / she does things and cope with the problems. At one point in our lives, we all experience something we need to analyze and think through. "Is this what I want?", "Is this the way I want to go?". I did not think so much about what others meant. I thought that was what I needed, and I knew that decision, it sounds from Gravesen.

    He looks like himself, the former Real Madrid player. He still has no hair on his head, and stays in Hamburg, Liverpool, Madrid and Glasgow have not rocked a centimeter by the Jutland accent. He speaks like most others in Vejle, and feels at home in the town by the fjord, where he has a close relationship with brother-in-law Peter Gravesen, who is also a former professional football player. Peter is now working as a waiter at the hotel where this interview takes place.

    Roen has found himself in Thomas Gravesen's life, but the time after the career break in 2009 was not easy.

    - I want to say to the players who are active now - play as long as you can. Keep going! Keep your body as fit as possible. There's nothing in the world that's better than playing soccer and being part of a community. It's never again and therefore there's a huge hole after the football. If you can not fill it out, it will be some hard years. It's 10 years ago, I stopped and I miss football every single day. I miss the match day, but especially everyday. A World Cup like this only reinforces it, says Thomas Gravesen.

    Were you not tired of football?

    "I do not think I can get tired of football. I see all that I can get away with. I just needed to slow down and look at the world. Be a little on the sidelines and look in. Think about what I wanted with my life, he says.

    Several times the interview is interrupted by people who just go to greet the former national team player. It is clear that several of them are well-known people for Gravesen, telling that he is still being recognized around the world. But in Vejle he can be at peace.

    Having said that, the celebrity factor has never bothered the retired football star.

    - I'll take it as it comes. It has never been a problem for me. When you become a football star, you become a famous face in the world because football means so much to so many people. It's part of being a football star, and one has to learn to live with people having an attitude towards you. It will almost be strange otherwise, for example, on the Danish national team. I also have an opinion on many things, and so I have tried to tackle it in the way that I think is right. I have no problem recognizing and I always want to be the one I am. I always want to be Thomas, says the national team's former number seven.

    And now, Thomas Gravesen has chosen to open the mouth to the public again. Many thought that they had heard the last one of the former Danish national team player.

    Why so now? Have you found out the things you should?

    - Yes, I think so. I have grown older and I have found my way in life for the next many years. I have found that football must be a part of my life still. If it gets as public as I played, I do not know, but at least I will be a part of it. Because it has a huge space in my life

    Why has it taken so long to find out?

    "When you start playing football at six to seven years old and end at age 33, the world is so big that you want to see it. I love to travel and I like watching the world, and I've done that. Therefore, it may have taken a little longer than anyone had decided for me, but in my own world it has been perfect. I've seen what I wanted to see. It was the time I needed, he says.

    Thomas Gravesen has lived in Las Vegas in the aftermath of his active career and has been able to take on a lot of freedoms. Like all other foreign football players, Gravesen has lived a privileged existence, and staying in clubs such as Everton, Real Madrid and Celtic has meant, for example, that money will never be a shortcoming for the football team.

    "You are incredibly privileged when you are allowed to become an international professional football player. But there is also a great responsibility for, because you are a role model for young people and one that many people look forward to. You must take that seriously. I would like to be a good ambassador to the football, but I do not want to be him who does not say what I mean. I have always done that, and it means, among other things, that I can stand by myself. It may not always be well considered what I said, but I'm an impulsive man, and I speak from the heart, says the supervisor.

    National Team Stop
    The biggest mystery with Thomas Gravesen as a protagonist must be indisputably the national team break in 2006 - then "Graves" was only 30 years old. Thomas Gravesen announced his stop on September 15, 2006. A few months before, he was quoted by Ritzau for the fact that there was nothing bigger in his world than playing the Danish national team. Even Real Madrid could not measure up with the red shirt with the DBU logo.

    Thomas Gravesen has never explained why he suddenly stopped the Danish national team after 66 matches in red and white.

    Why did you do that?

    "I've always said that playing the Danish national team is the biggest. It can not be said in other ways. It was the biggest for me - to represent my own country. It was much bigger than Real Madrid. It's also a great club, but being able to play with his compatriots and get the experience that you come home to represent the country where you were born .... there is no feeling bigger than that in football. That's what I want to say about it, says Gravesen.

    So you do not want to say why you stopped so suddenly?

    "I had my reasons," concludes Thomas Gravesen with a smile.

    Thus, Thomas Gravesen probably takes the final explanation with him in the grave, but the gift flip has now broken more than a decade of silence. And there are probably many who have missed him.

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    Thomas Gravesen has tried something that only three Danish footballers can boast. He has played for mighty Real Madrid. In addition to Gravesen, it is only Henning Jensen and Michael Laudrup who may be interested in representing the Spanish royal club.

    As a result, Thomas Gravesen's career will always be unique in Danish football, and in addition to Real Madrid, he can write the clubs Vejle Boldklub, Hamburger SV, Everton and Celtic on the CV - as well as 66 international matches for Denmark.

    Tipsbladet.dk has met Thomas Gravesen for a long talk of a career that ended 10 years ago with a short rental stay in Everton. It was also in Everton that it all began to take off to the midfielder.

    "Everton took me in and gave me some amazing years of my life and my career. I was treated in a way that I am forever grateful for. I was not there for a long time to call it my heart club - it's Vejle Boldklub, that's it - but it was a great time. That was where I developed the most.

    "In Hamburg I became big and strong - in Everton I was really good at playing football. I was one of Premier League's best midfielder and was then sold to Real Madrid, says Thomas Gravesen.

    In Everton, the Dane is remembered especially for the midfield constellation with Lee Carsley - Thomas Gravesen's twin-headed twin. They looked similar to each other and they played the same way. In many ways, it seemed that Everton had chosen to rent a bunch of discards from the local nightclub to house in the central midfield.

    "Fortunately, I have had many scallops on my side. There was also Stig Tøfting then and Zidane in Real Madrid. I do not know what the opponents took care of, but I can tell you we were good football players. I think we were mentioned in the opponent's acts; "How are we going to get around there," says Gravesen of Lee Carsley, adding:

    - Lee came a little later than me, and I had the pleasure of getting close to a person who would go the extra mile for you and be your friend in every possible way. Lee Carsley is a type of who I think I've had a companion for life. He never saw himself first. He saw his companions, fellow men and his team. He was a leader and a wonderful person.

    He describes Lee Carsley as a man who belonged to the top of the hierarchy in Everton - just as Gravesen himself did.

    - When it burns, there is always one forrest. Ham standing there is the top of the hierarchy. It is him who stands up like a man after getting a fuss. And it's him who has his comrades back. I saw LeBron James the other night - he played amazing, but then he had a maiden of a team mate (JR Smith, red.) Who destroyed it. Not once did James hear anything negative or hang him out. It's format and it's a leader. Such a man is at the top of the hierarchy and he leans himself up.

    Was that such a player you tried to be?

    - Yes. I would always stand in front of my teammates. If they were after my teammates, they were after me too. It's always easier to break one player than a whole team. Therefore, one must back up each other. It's never nice when something happens, and then three to four opponents will catch up and breathe up a little. You must not beat or anything. Then you can always pay the tackle back a little later, when the referee does not look, it sounds from the 42-year-old football pensioner.

    Thomas Gravesen was in Everton for five years and played 159 matches for the club. That it became so successful a stay, the Danes attributes, among other things, David Moyes, manager, who replaced Walter Smith when "Graver" had been in the club for two years.

    "David Moyes was a young and inconvenient ambitious coach for me, but he had a helper, and you must not forget him. His name is Alan Irvine. The two played each other and they were good together. Moyes was the young and annoyed, where Irvine was cool and relaxed. They were both amazing and incredibly engaged in Everton. It infected us. And then he came to the club at a time when the club needed a new breath after Walter Smith, he says and continues:

    "Moyes won the players confidence, he was also lucky with the players who were there. We were companions and we were ready for the next step in our career. And then we just got into Wayne Rooney - neither was it the worst. And so Moyes managed to build it quietly and he professionally crafted the club in an incredible number of ways.

    Real Madrid
    In January 2005, Thomas Gravesen really wrote into the history books. Here, the dane changed from Everton to Real Madrid for a price that was allegedly in the region of 25 million. The dane signed a three-year deal with the royal club.

    - At the time it came, it was a bit atypical, because it was in the middle of the season. I heard from them the first time in December. I had conversations with my agent (John Sivebæk, Ed.) And I talked to my mom and dad very much. I also talked to David Moyes and explained to him what had happened. I always played with an open card to him, and so he did the other way too. And he did not want to go with me. He was well aware that it was a great opportunity for me, but if the club could not see that it was a reasonable sale, nothing would happen, says Gravesen.

    "I am grateful that he did it in his own way and that he came to the conclusion that I was allowed to leave. You can never say how it ended if he had said no and if I had begun to walk behind him. It's not the type I am. If you treat me properly, I treat you properly. That's how Moyes was and therefore we had a good relationship.

    As it has been, Thomas Gravesen had Stig Tøfting by his side when he was in the Spanish capital to close an agreement with Real Madrid.

    "I'm very glad I had a chance. I had asked for that. You are always a little stronger when you are two, and I am very grateful that he brought along, says Gravesen.

    What's up with you and step hitchhiking?

    - Stig and I are very special because we are almost identical - at least far along the way. He has some opinions I disagree with, and I have opinions that he disagrees with, but by the way we have helped each other and been each other's best companions.

    That Real Madrid is a very special size, Thomas Gravesen would not spend many minutes feeling on his own.

    "It was a huge upheaval to go from the safe surroundings of Everton to this huge giant club in a country where I could not speak. And then on a team where I was not the star - not at all.

    - But they needed me and I had a role. And although it was a different role than the one I came from. I took it and I did it for the team's sake. My role was to be 6, because they had seen that I was playing. But it was not there, I was the best. They thought I fit into the system and I did what I could.

    "You will always have matches in a new country and in a new culture where you do not play well, but then your teammates are there to help you. I had a hard period at the start because I could not communicate and much of my game was verbal. Therefore, staff member Jesper Grønkjær, who played for Atletico Madrid, and I was a teacher so we could learn Spanish, he says.

    Did all the stars appear in Real Madrid side and side as a team that you experienced in Vejle, HSV and Everton?

    "It's fun you ask, because you actually did. There are very few people who can do it themselves, and so it was in Real Madrid too. Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Robinho, Julio Baptista - Brazilian players - were great at joining the team. Jonathan Woodgate, Michael Owen, David Beckham and I often lived at Ronaldo and ate dinner because he had a set up of helpers at home that made us have the right to eat. We were also invited to David Beckham's 30th birthday. You supported each other, things were just a bit bigger, says Gravesen.

    What makes Real Madrid so big?

    "I think that's the way the club produces itself in the world. That it's just the biggest and the best. They are Europe's kings, and they have again seen three wins in the Champions League. It is a big pressure that plays the whole world in the club. That is, there were press meetings every single day because there were national team players from all over the world, and then you become part of this huge, huge giant wheel.

    - Every training was filmed and published in the big newspapers. Then you could read that you had made two mistakes for training. "Two mistakes for training," I thought, "you can not make mistakes for training. For training, do not try to make mistakes in the matches. " Next day, it could be said that you did well for training, and then you might get a six-figure. You got grades for training. It was a great experience to be allowed to try to be part of such a big club, "says the Danishman.

    Thomas Gravesens entered Real Madrid obviously also raised interest in Denmark, where there was massive coverage of the royal club.

    - Several Danish journalists flew back and forth to the matches. They could certainly also see I had problems at first, but I also played good matches and I was chosen for the big matches, he says.

    Thomas Gravesen got a reputation in the Spanish press to be a bit of a hard hit. He even thinks it was a mistake, but it never affected him.

    - It was the image and the reputation they thought I should have, but I was not. Well, I went to it, but I was neither Lee Carsley nor Roy Keane. But they did. I had no problems with people having their opinions. To me it was about being honest with myself. Then they would have to call me "Shrek" in the newspapers and everything, "says the Danishman.

    It was especially an episode with team mate Robinho, who breathed into Gravesen's image as "him the crazy" of the Real Madrid crew. Have you seen the clip, one can remember Robinho going out of the pitch headchilding by his Danish player.

    "It was a normal day of training, where I went a little to him, and he did not like that. Then he hit me, and I could not catch him. I never caught him. Fortunately. Then we finished afterwards and the next day we practiced as always. There was nothing I could not do with him or anyone else. I have not been in a single club where there have been no clashes, remembering the Gravesen battalion with the Brazilian.

    Thomas Gravesen's career in Real Madrid ended in the summer of 2006. The club's new manager, Fabio Capello, could not use the bald Dane.

    "We were going to the United States, and I was told that I should not sell me. It was short and in cash. I was told that they would not use me anymore and that I was free to negotiate with others. It was not longer anymore. It was hard and cash. "We can not use you anymore. Thanks for the effort, "says Gravesen.

    Now it's been over 10 years - are you proud when looking back on time in Real Madrid?

    - Of course I am. It's a huge thing to have tried. But I want to say I'm proud of all the clubs I've played in, he says.

    Would you like to enjoy your time in such a big club?

    - Yes I was. I was generally good at enjoying my career. I loved it - there was nothing better. I could hardly sleep because I was looking forward to training the next day. I was always in the plant too early, and then the others who had three to four children were sprinkling and tired because the kids had screamed all night. I had just slept and I was looking forward to training. This was how it was in Vejle, Hamburg, in Real Madrid. All locations.

    If you could, would you have done something different in Real Madrid?

    - Played better. And maybe I should have been a bit longer. Have been a little more defiant and struggled back, says 42-year-old Gravesen.

    Met his opposition in Celtic
    When Thomas Gravesen had packed the moving boxes and left Spain's capital, the next stop was Glasgow, where he signed a contract with the big club Celtic FC. Here he won a title for the first time in his career, but the memories from Scotland are not even positive.

    The flamboyant Dane did not match with Conservative Gordon Strachan, who was at the head of the big club.

    "I've always been a Celtic fan. I was in Scotland and see Old Firm when Peter Løvenkrands played for Glasgow Rangers. I would like to try to play in that atmosphere and I can only say that I have not regretted that. It was a huge club and an incredible team. Unfortunately, I ran into an opposition to myself in the form of a coach called Gordon Strachan. His time was unfortunately while I was there. It did not work between him and me, says Gravesen.

    The former Real Madrid player simply could not reconcile the way Gordon Strachan wanted to play football.

    "He clearly had the best team, and yet we did not have to go out and play the field. Gordon was a defensively-oriented coach of a world-famous club. This corresponds to FC Copenhagen going out and defensive against Hobro. There is no criticism of Hobro, but the budget that FCK has is anything but even better and it also commits in my world, Gravesen says, adding:

    "I could not understand why he did as he did in Celtic because we were so much better than the other teams. In the few matches we were allowed to do, we were much better. It was always "back", "tire up", "little farther back". I could not understand it and therefore Gordon Strachan and I ripped apart.

    "I remember that I scored hat tricks against St. Mirren - my only one in his career - and his only comment was "remember the defensive. We'll just have to control that. " He was nervous of losing - afraid of losing a match as a boss in mighty Celtic. When we went to the pitch, we were physically much stronger than the others, how many had a job next to the football. Nevertheless, we should wait pending. I could not understand that. I could not understand that.

    Did you take the confrontation with him?

    - I did that. I told him often, and then he answered that we should be afraid of losing weight. Eventually he chose to play with the muscles and say that I did not go anymore. I had to accept that.

    Thomas Gravesen won The Double with Celtic, thus he could add titles to his CV. Something that was largely lacking, and the Dane could also be annoyed that he did not help to win more with his clubs.

    - But you know what? I came to Vejle, who opens in 1st Division (Super League today, Ed.), And we finished second. I switched to Hamburger SV, which was a bottom club, and we finished in the Champions League. It was the same in Everton. The pressure to win championships, I tried in Real Madrid and Celtic, and the pressure that is not to slow down, I tried in Vejle, HSV and Everton. It's just as hard. I have never moved out and I'm proud of it. But yes, of course, there is nothing better than a title. In the end, of course, that's what it's about, he says.

    When Thomas Gravesen finally won a title with Celtic, there was not much gold feast over it.

    "I was so excited, for now we had to go by bus in Glasgow, there is only one city in the world where you do not. Rangers fans and Celtic fans are Catholics and Protestants, so there was no open bus, he recalls.

    As Everton player Thomas Gravesen joined Liverpool and met Atletico Madrid as Real Madrid player. However, no local show can be measured with the Old Firm brags against Glasgow Rangers.

    - It's the wildest thing. The way the football is under the skin of the fans is a very special experience. We were stronger than Rangers at the time, so we won over them, and that made our fans happy. But Rangers' fans were not happy and it was felt. When we were at Ibrox, we could feel that we were not welcome.

    - Scotland is divided into two - either Rangers fan or Celtic fan. And then you might be Hearts fan, Aberdeen fan or what do I know afterwards, says Thomas Gravesen.

    In Celtic, the Dane participated in playing the Champions League, and in 2006, it featured two matches against FC Copenhagen. Celtic won 1-0 in Scotland but was blown out of the field and lost 1-3 in the Park.

    Thomas Gravesen remembers a very good FCK team.

    "The fans were a little after me. I was a lot in the media at the time, so the FCK fans had me like a shooting disc and it's like football player. Especially when you are on the opponent's grass. We were not good at that battle, but that's how it was. I was punched out by Gordon Strachan in the middle of the second half - I was not happy. I was also with HSV in Brøndby a couple of years earlier, and I also got pilled out. No, I could not like that, says "Digger."

    Nothing was bigger than the Danish national team
    Although Thomas Gravesen boasts an impressive club career, he has never concealed the fact that playing the Danish national team was the biggest. Greater than Real Madrid. He also repeats this to tipsbladet.dk.

    What made the national team the biggest?

    - It was the ones I played with. My teammates. We were some in the same boat - we were some who had done something extra that year to be taken to the national team. You looked around and thought "it's just the best ones here". When you entered the park and saw that it was sold out, the hair rose, the national team's former number says seven and adds:

    "We were a good team. We were a really really good team - one of the best. We just made some terrible personal mistakes at critical times. To the European Championships, to the World Cup. We were the best team. It was the feeling I had, but now it's just hypothetical and we can never prove that.

    "It was a team of players who were the main players in major European clubs. And we had an extremely skilled coach. But we bumped at the most important times. It may be because we had not been in the situations before.

    Thomas Gravesen believes that the strength of the national team was largely the width of players who did not play. In this regard, he particularly emphasizes Claus Jensen, who achieved 47 matches in red and white - most of which turn in.

    - At any other time, Claus Jensen had been number one in the national team. But because we were so skilled, he was primarily replacing. But Claus was the kind of football player I'm constantly talking about. He went to workout and did his best every time, and it meant that I had to put my game up to an entirely different level to play. Such was Claus', and there he showed that he had a huge class, says Gravesen.

    What is your best memory of the national team?

    - Every fight. To play for Denmark is so great an honor that every match is a very special memory. I liked the double-match international battles, because I meant to play two matches for my country. And then the final rounds were of course special - also because I think we were good.

    What about the 6-1 win over Iceland and the goal of long-term grants?

    "It's one of my best goals, and it's still clear in my memory. In general, I think that match showed what we were. Jan Michaelsen scored 6-1 and was on his way over the gang because he was so happy. It just showed the passion for the national team at that time. And of course, of course, was my long-term goal. Stig said "shoot now for *" just before he vibrated it, and so I did.

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    Interesting comments from Tommy there regarding Strachan but it was already apparent they didn't get on.

    Strachan's record with us on paper was exceptional but I do agree to an extent with Gravesen. The football was regularly mind-numbing. Probably the least attractive style of football I've seen since I had my first season ticket in 96.

    I guess it all boils down to where you sit in the Pragmatism v Idealism stakes. People say Rodgers should be more pragmatic when playing in Europe against the elite, others will say Strachan should've been more adventurous in domestic football. There's probably a balance to be struck in the middle.

    Strachan gave us some outstanding nights in Europe that will live with me forever but on the whole I much prefer us adopting the philosophy of Rodgers with open, expansive, entertaining football.
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    Willie Maley
    Kinda in a nutshell, the title in 2008 is my personal favourite title win. Loved the wee guy but I do kinda agree.

    Thought he'd be a sensational signing, his tactical play was mental, was all over the place but he was some player.
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    How much fighting gonna be at that with all the mutants attending?
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    Looking forward to that interview, he’ll have some stories and he’s not the type to hold back on them. Love hearing insights into the dressing room from teams that I lived and breathed and just guessed what was happening in the background. People have turned against these interviews but I love hearing them man.
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    Looking down on the mutants..
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    For those who are in love.....
    Who else is going?

    If he's headlining then you'd imagine it'll be majority Tim's..

    I wouldn't be buying a ticket if Peter Lovenkrands was headlining there :giggle1:
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    I'm going with a mate * dreading it bought the tickets when it was actually decent not the same recycled pish patter every week and I * hate Derek Ferguson and Macavennie so should be a good night :giggle1:
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