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Cheating Bastards or an Anomaly (Celtic Penalty Stats Vs Other Teams)

Discussion in 'Celtic Chat' started by ILoveTheCeltic, Oct 9, 2022.

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  1. honda Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 11, 2012
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    You keep going on about this 2 year notice *. You want to know what they'll do? They'd * celebrate. They'd finally have there team winning everything forevermore. Fact is Scottish football was fine when they died. Same would happen if we left tomorrow. Its now a modern age with social media, the noise and stats are now getting higher than ever before. The only way to finally topple this cheating * is to keep the pressure and noise up.

    I agree the board should be doing more. However we're no statement fc like that mob looking like fools all the time. When we go in, we got a guy sacked. They just happened to bring in his son. The same will happen. As soon as rock solid proof comes in well * go for their throats. None of the statement fc empty dossiers over here.
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  2. bhroom

    Jan 7, 2024
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    Posted this elsewhere, but it's pretty relevant here.
    Analysis proper starts around 15mins in.