Who thinks the main problem isn't the manager or players but too many games?

Discussion in 'Celtic Chat' started by ILoveTheCeltic, May 13, 2019.

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    Don't understand how people can say no, when we're talking about people playing more than a game a week, every week over the year, and that's before we even include the average of maybe 5 or 6 International matches they travel the world for too. It's far too many games, meaning we need more players than we can afford so we finish up with a bloated squad of better than average, versus a smaller, leaner squad of * good players.

    I'd play the development team in the league cup. It gains us nothing but options of trebles to win it, it'd give them really competitive matches to develop and it'd say * YOU to the corrupt * at the SFA.
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    We don’t need to sacrifice a cup.

    We just need to use our squad players more against the diddies of the league like Livi, St Mirren, Dundee, Hamilton etc and the easier Cup ties like the Airdrie’s and Morton’s etc.

    Our 2nd team is better than most 1st teams in this league.
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    I agree. Fatigue has set in. I don't care how big are depth is. We've had some squad players sitting out 6 months worth of games. First teamers have been forced to play unrested. We've played every round of domestic competition for three seasons straight. Add on European qualifiers and then group stages and then the round afterwards. They get a few weeks off in the summer and then back at the grind. Hardly time to reset. Mentally, it takes its toll. Physically, it takes its toll.

    There's a reason why we have a bad injury list. There's a reason why Tierney is *.

    I wouldn't trade anything for the last three seasons but we need freshening up pronto.
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    Mar 29, 2006
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    I’d support playing development players in the League Cup. Especially after we win 3 consecutive trebles