Slot Games Features Explained

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    Slot Games Features Explained

    Online slot games are without a doubt one of the most popular forms of gambling around the world today, with a truly monumental level of players, developers and casinos absolutely indebted to it. Whilst they came from very humble beginnings, at first only the thing of bars and rudimentary casinos, slot games are now incredibly complex.

    Why else would the online slot market be this big? They have got to be incredibly good these days, right? And funnily enough they really are, with graphics, gameplay and themes that are quite incredible. The best thing, however, is that the new features on offer nowadays are getting exponentially more exciting and complex. So much so that they may even need a bit of explaining…

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    Free Spins Explained
    A potentially wicked slot game feature is when you come across the tantalizing prize of an array of free spins. To access these you must generally have to land a certain number of special symbols on the reels, most likely a selection of scatters or wilds. However, a lot of casinos will offer no deposit free spins that you could make use of, as well as simple free mode slots that are essentially full of free spins.

    And what exactly does the free spin feature entail? Well, it quite literally does what it says on the tin, rewarding lucky gamblers with a bunch of free spins. That means a chance of winning money without even the possibility of losing any.

    Slot Multipliers Explained
    Another truly fantastic slot game feature, when activated the multiplier will increase your winnings by a set amount, some slot games go up to 50x or even 100x in specific instances. This is a key way in making sure you are winning as much as you possibly can when spinning those reels, having the capacity to be incredibly lucrative. Again, multipliers are, more often that not, only available when you land the right symbols, although sometimes they can occur randomly.

    Something else great about multipliers is that they can also be used in conjunction with free spins – if you’re lucky enough to encounter these you could be in for a lovely sized jackpot. So, keep an eye on what’s appearing on those reels, because the result could grant you some very nice features.

    Bonus Rounds Explained
    What could be better than a free spin and multiplier combo? Not much else can top it, other than a well-designed bonus round of course. With the crucial advances in technology has also come an amazing array of new bonus rounds, some of which are insanely good. This is definitely a slot game feature to look out for; it has revolutionised the industry.

    Just check out online slot titles such as the ridiculously good Centurion from the renowned developers Inspired Gaming. This game has four separate bonus rounds, each unique and incredibly exciting. They are also remarkably lucrative, in particular the Prizes On Parade bonus round that involves a serious amount of multipliers.