Rodgers: "I want to be here as long as I can"

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    Rodgers Signs New Four-Year Deal

    This season has just been brilliant, hasn't it? We've seen Celtic make their return to the Champions League group stages, collect their 100th trophy and, last weekend, seal a 6th consecutive League title with a 5-0 thumping of Hearts last weekend.

    Moreover, we've done it in style and are STILL unbeaten as we chase the elusive treble. The man behind the success, Brendan Rodgers, has transformed the side and breathed new life into a club that appeared to lack any real direction over the last couple of years.


    He has rejuvenated the career of Scott Sinclair after the winger had lost his way, and has provided a platform for Moussa Dembele to showcase his talents at home and abroad. Scott Brown, James Forrest and Stuart Armstrong have been absolutely key components in the teams success this year, after being thoroughly underwhelming last season.
    He has debunked the myth that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, as evidenced by the way Craig Gordon has changed the way he plays the game in his 30's, and has overseen the continued development of the impressive teenage full-back, Kieran Tierney.

    And yet, the questions posed by the media have not been "How good is this Celtic team?" or "How far can they go?". The general tone has been one of disappointment, and the media consensus appears to be that the improvement of Celtic is somehow bad for the Scottish game.

    Whenever a Celtic player starts to hit form, stories start to appear in the paper about a 'big money move' accompanied by the insightful and thoughtful question - "Could he play in England?".
    Rodgers himself, at several points during the campaign, has been questioned about his own future, with him having to say numerous times that he wants to be at Celtic for the next couple of years.
    There will come a point where Rodgers wants to leave for a new challenge and pursue success elsewhere. Unfortunately for some, he's only just getting started.

    The club today announced that they were scrapping their recent policy of giving the manager a 12 month rolling contract - a sensible strategy - and making a real statement by giving Rodgers a new four year deal.
    While this is excellent news for Celtic fans who are keen to see more of the same from Rodgers' side, it's not so good for our domestic rivals, and some quarters of the Scottish media, who appear keen to reduce the gap by any means necessary.

    With Rodgers having stated his commitment to the job on record, he and the club have now put it on paper and indicated their ambition.


    “Celtic Football Club is delighted to announce we have agreed a new contract with Brendan, term of contract 4 years." Lawwell said. "Brendan is an outstanding manager & we believe he is one of the top coaches in European football & indeed world football."

    "It just felt right. Myself, Peter and the board been talking for a little while and it felt the right thing to do." added Rodgers. "Couldn’t be happier, in best place could possibly be. Eternally thankful to board for showing trust & commitment in me."

    He spoke of the need for improvement, and how there is much more to come in what promises to be an exciting period for the club, and also stressed how this is just the beginning of the journey.

    The new deal, which runs until 2021, could see Rodgers stay to lift a record-breaking 10th title in a row. It is clear that the manager wants to continue the dominance of Scottish football and will be keen to make his mark in European football.


Discussion in 'TalkCeltic News' started by Just Kieran, Apr 7, 2017.