Profit regardless of the outcome of the match with SureBets!

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    Is there any chance of making sports bets with 100% chances of winning? This is a question that bettors have had ever since the first bets ever placed. But now the answer to it is finally here: yes, it is possible if you know how to use sure bets. Also known as arbitrage bets or safe bets, surebets are so great because you can profit regardless of the outcome of the match. Thus, win or lose, you still win. If you start using arbitrage bets today you definitely won’t regret it. But to convince you to use them we must first explain what safe bets are.

    Surebets are sports arbitrage situations which were mathematically calculated to allow you to make bets on all the opposing outcomes of the event so that no matter what happens and who wins you will win. The sporting arbitrage situation is due to the fact that different bookmakers have different odds for the same event.

    TalkCeltic team really want to use their powers for good and lend you our expertise in the world of online betting to make sure that you know how to use arbitrage betting to maximize your chances of winning and super-charge your profits. So keep reading to find out when and how to use arbing to get ahead.

    When is the right time to use sure bets?

    In order for you to be able to place a surebet you will need one of the three following situations where bookmakers have different odds. You can find arbitrages (arbs):

    • when a bookmakers competition has overstated odds
    • when bookmakers can’t keep track of what other bookies are doing and offer different odds
    • when a bookmaker makes a mistake/miscalculation and offers fals odds.

    Consequently, you can use safe bets for today or for any other day of your choosing because there are a lot of bookmakers with different odds that you will surely find the possibility to place one or several each day and guarantee a profit. Depending on the country where you are from and how many bookmakers you actually have access to, the number of available daily arbing opportunities differs. It all depends on the country you are from and how many of the hundreds of bookmakers you can access.

    What is a good free arbitrage betting software service?
    You can search for arbitrage bets by yourself, but that would take you a lot of time and it wouldn’t be very easy. The good news is that you don’t really have to struggle to be able to make the most out of this system. The easiest, safest and best way to do so is to use an arbitrage software. BetOnValue is exactly this.

    BetOnvalue is a platform that’s complete focus is on arbitrage betting and it offers bettors several great benefits:

    • Free Account / paid subscription with extra perks
    • Arbitrage bets / Value Bets / Cross-Market Arbitrage bets
    • 70,898 SureBets
    • 116 bookmakers
    • 2,202 events

    It’s up to you to decide if you want the free version, the silver one or the gold one. You will instantly have access to free arbitrage software that will allow you to see all the standard bookmakers, full access to the accounting system and the possibility of placing surebets with just 20 minutes delay. The Silver subscription gets you all the bookmakers and three minutes delay, while the Gold subscription has everything and no delay at all.

    In order to get the free arbing software, all you need to do is make an account and you will be able to start using everything they have to offer. This means you can start winning almost instantly.

    How do sure bets work on Betonvalue?

    There are two types of surebets that you will find on BetOnValue: all-back surebets where you win by betting on all the possible outcomes of a match or back-lay surebets where you can win by buying and selling the same outcome.

    While the all-back bets done by betting on different odds from different bookmakers, the back-lay bets are with odds from a bookmaker and from a betting exchange. The back bet is betting on something happening, while the lay bet is betting that something won’t happen.

    The all-back bets are the most popular and you don’t need to be a seasoned arber to understand them because BetOnValue can do the calculations for you.

    But in case you want to know how the calculations work so that you may check them, here is a detailed example. Let’s assume that you want to bet on a tennis match between Federer and Nadal. Bookmaker A gives 2.10 odds for Federer to win, while Bookmaker B gives 2.15 odds for Nadal to win. The idea is that you bet in such a way that the winning bet will cover the losing bet and also give you a profit. So let’s say if you win €110, lose €100, then you still have €10 in profit.

    What’s important is to know how to find the right opportunity and what to bet on it and then you will understand how to calculate a surebet.

    To know when an arbitrage opportunity arises you need to add the implied probabilities of the best odds for each outcome. For this, you will divide the odds for the outcome in decimal format by 1.

    So, for Federer to win at 2.10 odds the implied probability will be 1 / 2.10 = 0.476 = 47.6%

    For Nadal to win at 2.15 odds the implied probability is 1 / 2.15 = 0.465 = 46.5%

    To see if there’s a chance for arbitrage betting and that the profit is indeed guaranteed, you just add the two probabilities. Consequently, you will get 47.6% + 46.5% = 94.1%. If the result after adding is less than 100% then you can make a sure profit. The lower the number, the bigger your profit.

    The calculation of the stake needed for each bet is easy to do as well. Basically, after you’ve calculated the implied probabilities for each possible outcome (1) and their sum (2) you will divide the first one by the second one.

    Therefore, in our case, you will have:

    Federer at odds of 2.10 = 1 / 2.10 = 47.6%

    Nadal at odds of 2.15 = 1 / 2.15 = 46.5%

    The market total will be 47.6% + 46.5% = 94.1%.

    How much to bet on each outcome:

    Federer: 47.6% / 94.1% = 50.58%.

    Nadal: 46.5% / 94.1% = 49.41%

    In conclusion, if you decide to arb a total of €1000 then you will have to bet €505.8 on Federer and €494.4 on Nadal.

    So, if Federer wins then you will have €505.8 * 2.10 = €1062.18

    If Nadal wins you will have €494.4 * 2.15 = €1062.96

    From this, you deduct the stake and get the profit. Which in this case is roughly €62 depending on the outcome.

    The process is a bit different when we have different markets because for football, for example, you can have win draw win so you will need to calculate not just for win or lose, but also for a draw, but the main idea is the same.

    What we think is the most important thing is that you don’t need to do these calculations if you don’t want to because BetOnValue can do everything for you. Subscribe to BetOnValue to start winning asap. Don’t miss out on 100% guaranteed profit (and don’t forget that it’s free).