Hello from Basque Country...

Discussion in 'Newbies & FAQ' started by Basque-bhoy, Sep 16, 2018.

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    Aye plus playing Rosenborg again in the Europa League makes a huge difference to atmosphere, I mean just hearing the difference in quality of theme song is depressing before a ball is kicked. When the UCL theme is played everyone gets goosebumps and goes mental. Then it kicks on from there. I know you know this, just up late and letting our new Basque friend know it's not what people are referring too when they talk about European Nights at Celtic being one of the best in Europe. Most of those comments came from players in UCL groups.

    The Inter game under Ronny was special but last 32 is when things start to get very interesting, so tough to reach it this year but let's have a go, nearly every game we've had a great win I thought we were going to have a very tough time. Still give team full blooded support willing it to happen obviously.

    Would be great to see Athletic at Parkhead soon. Usually a very attack minded team. They still got that 35 year old striker who is playing like he's 25?