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    What do people prefer: Goal difference or head to head ?

    Can we add a poll please mods ?

    Personally I prefer goal difference. I don't know if this is partially traditonalism in terms of this is what I know to a degree. However from a Celtic/Ireland point of view I am always happier looking at a group at the start and thinking right this is what we have to do in terms of finishing above this team.

    I appreciate it was brought in when countries like Gibraltar were allowed into European qualifying and can see why the difference between beating a team 7-0 or 8-0 is very small, however I don't think this applies in the Cl or EL and they have even changed this in euro qualifying so your results against the bottom team don't count. It also makes it certain that two teams with three points between them going into the last games still have something to play for.
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    Goal difference, it creates more drama in the final few matches of tight Groups.

    With H2H Groups are decided earlier.
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