Celtic spread some Common Wealth

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    The impact of Celtic in the local Scottish economy has been calculated by the prestigious Fraser of Allander Institute, and the results are astonishing!!!

    The club and it's supporters contribute an astonishing £165m annually to the economy, which is the equivalent of 2,820 full time jobs, and according to the authors of the report, eclipses the income generated by golf tourism or even the impact from the Commonwealth Games.

    Amongst the highlights of the report is a note that the club is ranked as the 25th strongest brand in world football. When you consider the restrictions on broadcast reach of the SPFL, in comparison to other bigger leagues, then that statistic is truly remarkable.

    The full report can be read on the link to the club website below, but Congratulations to everyone involved with the club, players, staff and fans for making such a positive income to the cultural and economic benefit of this country.

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