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Our Formation in Domestic Games?

After today's outstanding performance what would people prefer our formation to be, 3-5-2 like today or the normal 4-4-2, I personally would like to play the 3-5-2 in most domestic games this season as it shows that we are more flexible and much better at breaking teams down

The idea of Ledley and Brown bombing forward and supporting the strikers is also a very good idea and provides us with alot of firepower going forward, obviously with forrest/commons coming back in it could go back to 4-4-2 but the 3-5-2 optin should be used alot more in domestic games imo
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Jim Craig
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I always liked the 352 and thought we ditched it too suddenly after getting skelped off Ajax in pre season, people massively overreacted to the fact that a) it was a completely and utterly meaningless game and b) we were playing a quality team away.

The final ever game vs the huns we played 352 and fucking murdered them, that should be our system of choice in the SPL or 433.

442 renders us devoid creatively as teams just sit in with a 451 or even 460.
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Jock Stein
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3-5-2 for me

More players attacking the better.
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Bethol McG 1916
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i think we should play 3-5-2 in domestic games also, we boss the midfield when we do. you saw in todays game with brown and ledley getting goals and wanyama having alot of shots on goal.
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it did work but at times at start of second half killie were getting in as izzy was caught upfield and we did look short at times it could be worth it tho due to our attacking options from midfield
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3-5-2 is perfect for games like today as it gives you plenty of width.

I wouldn't say we should stick to 1 particular formation, having the option to change is the biggest advantage.
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Most SPL pitches are too narrow for the wing backs to make enough of an impact.

Glad to see it back today though. Though it had become extinct after the Ajax embarrassment.
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3-5-2 for me. It's a good line up for a league like ours, and we have class midfielders. Giving them more of a chance to get up and attack is a great thing. The 4-4-2 is just bleh. Doesn't let anyone be really creative and just allows teams to play more defensively against us.
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Bobby Murdoch
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It all depends on the opposition and how they set up as well. It's all about versatility.

The 3-5-2 worked brilliantly today but it won't always be the best option.
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In the SPL it really doesnt matter what our formation is or who is playing tbh the key ingredient is the desire to win and to stay motivated. They show that and they could skelp most teams most times with a 2-2-6 formation
"When you pull on that jersey you're not just playing for a football club, you're playing for a people and a cause" - Tommy Burns
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I'm far from a fan of 3 at the back but we were class today with 3 at the back.

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Depends on how the other teams line-up 3-5-2 doesn't always fit the bill however Killie lack much width therefore couldn't exploit the gaps between the centre back and wing backs on the counter too often. When they did it resulted in the goal. It does help however we have players who are naturally able to play the ball out from the back and can change between formations due to players such as Mulgrew and Wanyama who can play multiple positions with a high degree of competency.
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Jamesy Bhoy 7
Willie Wallace
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I like it, gives us width with the full backs bombing forward whilst still being in control in the middle of the park. Lennons bhoys giving mancini's 'superstars' another lesson this time by showing them how to play 352 successfully rather than looking like a bunch of disjointed arseholes.
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Ronnie Simpson
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I like the 3-5-2 formation BUT it's definitely one of those formations that needs players that are familiar with it. Was a good few times where Izzy was caught too far up the pitch and we could have been caught out at the back with a better SPL team.

It can be a great formation to use though.
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