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John Clark
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Scariest/Freakiest thing you have experienced or been told by someone you know.

Had a thread similar to this before and there was some great stories so thought I'd start another. Thankfully nothing scary or freaky has ever really happened to me worth mentioning, other than sleep paralysis which was fucked up. But my dad told me when he was living in London years ago he woke up to a complete stranger of a man just staring at him, right above his face. When my dad opened his eyes the man just ran out of the house. My dad was in shock so obviously couldn't react or anything.. Lucky he woke up because god knows what the guy was doing... If that happened to me I'd never sleep again!
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Haywood Jablomi
Celtic Bench Warmer
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MARRIAGE !!!!!!!!
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Celtic First Team
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Not long after my dad passed away, I was watching one of these ghost hunter type shows so when I went to bed I decided to try something they had done. I said out loud "Dad if you're here, knock twice..", got nothing so I tried again, this time there were two knocks on the bedroom wall..I near shit myself!! Bearing in mind I was in myself.
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Tommy Gemmell
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Was playing football with my mate when i was about 6-7 just taking shots each into each other, he was in goals and i was running with the ball and he was running out to me, i slipped and he slid onto his knees to try and block a shot and i banged my face off his knee and my tooth came through my lip. I shat maself and ran hame greetin like a wee lassie.

Another time i was camping with my uncle, my cousin, my uncles mate and his son up the campsies, our tent was right next to the lake thing and my uncles mates son was trying to catch a fish with the fishing rod, it was all muddy and wet cos it'd been raining and he slipped right into the water, whacking his head of a big rock. When he stood up i swear it looked like something out of a horror film his face was covered in blood. I think i was about 6-7 at the time as well haha scary year.

Loads of shit has happened to me will try and remember the stuff
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John Clark
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Join Date: Jul 2010
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Another good story my dad told me about when he was living in London, he was in a pub one night and got talking to a couple. For whatever reason they asked him whereabouts he was living, he told them and they then said something like 'oh really ? We used to live on that road, which house is it' my dad then told them and immediately they said get out of the house, it's haunted and it's the one they lived in. They told my dad that one might while they had a couple of people over, they were all sitting in the living room watching tv or whatever, and someone went to go to the toilet. But as they were about to go up the stairs they saw an old woman at the top of the stairs just looking down on them. They then called the rest of the people in the house and they all saw the old woman. They left the house that night an never went back. Now for the creepy bit, my dad was renting the house with a couple of other people, and he never bothered telling them about what the couple said to him or anything as he didn't think much of it. But one day when he came back from work one of the housemates told him that an old woman had called to the house that day, askin to look around because she used to live their. Fucking weird if you ask me..
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Mr. Fawlty
Bobby Murdoch
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Getting clobbered over the head by a mate with a golf club when I was only young (an accident, my own silly fault, mind, got too close, feckin stupid).

My mates reaction to it was the scary bit, he was freaking out because of the gigantic lump that was forming just above my eye socket, the pain didn't really bother me at all, I just felt really numb and dizzy, but the fact that he was freaking out, got me freaked out.

When I finally looked in the mirror I could understand his reaction, the lump was rose red and looked about the size of a feckin peach.

Baring in mind that I was only like seven or so, so it was an intense experience.

To this day I still have a visible skull depression/indentation above my left eye from it, can only see it up close though.
Forza Regina Baresi

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Celtic Serbia
Celtic First Team
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watching Ghost adventures..
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When I was growing up in Brooklyn a few friends and I would explore around the old Navy yard which is where they launched all the ships and soldiers for WW2, they also brought back bodies and wounded soldiers through there, anyway it was abondoned decades ago but the police use it to store cars that have been towed and sometimes they would chase us out of the buildings there, this one time we has gotten caught while in the basement of the old hospital, the cop was leading us out when we all heard screaming, the cop got on his radio and called for backup and another half dozen police oficers showed up and were all searching the building for the person who was screaming, they didnt find anything but the abondoned hospital and one of the older officers pointed out that all the wounded from D-day and North Africa who had been shipped home were brought to this hospital and some died there, apparently the building had been haunted since the end of the war
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Bobby Murdoch
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Me and my mates broke into an abandoned asylum/hospital pitch black about 3 in the morning when we younger and I was in the bathroom and one of my mates were next to me. I turned round and the mirror smashed without no one touching it or being next to it, I freaked out looking everywhere my mates who didn't witness it were in the other room asking what was that noise. It was to much for me I had to get out.

There's YouTube videos of the place we were in claiming that it is haunted, type in strathmartine hospital haunted.
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Celtic First Team
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I told ya a story in your other thread but the scariest shit i ever experienced is when I woke up in the hospital after the accident I i didn't know if I was dead or alive I didn't know what had happened at the time but I knew something was terribly wrong I didn't feel any pain yet but I felt very very light saw everything very blurry and at a time I could see my self laying on the bed and doctors around me, later I asked the doctor if maybe I was dreaming, and he said he couldn't tell me, he mentioned that this is pretty common on people that suffer bad accidents, Another time that freaked me out is one of the times I would have trouble breathing I fainted because I tried so hard to breath I felt I was leaving, and one of the times I could see images of my life crossing In front of me specially scenes i lived with my kids and parents, you hear this often in movies documentaries etc, which make me think that maybe I was just dreaming but even if it was just a dream it's still scary shit The scariest thing ever so far for me.
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faw cough
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Seen Kelvin Wilson yesterday.

Scary shit.

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Al Bootyerbaws
Celtic Hero
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Anybody mind Rab Douglas comin out for crosses?

That was some scary shit.
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Gold Member
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watching olivier tebily was some scary shit. wasnt named the bombscare for nothing.
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Old 08-05-2015, 11:40 PM   #14
Gold Member
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Saw a ghost in my room when I was 5, was no long after my grandpa died. Can mind it like it was yesterday. Shat a brick
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