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Why betting on fouls is better than betting on goals

Discussion in 'News' started by TC News, May 21, 2020.

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    Nov 28, 2017
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    Why betting on fouls is better than betting on goals

    Betting options on football matches have expanded significantly. Earlier people were limited in choosing them - mostly it was only the number of goals and winners. However, in the past decade, other options such as the number of corners, fouls, throw-ins proved to be incredibly popular among players.

    Guessing the result of a game could be difficult at some point, especially if two equal teams are facing each other. That’s the moment when other betting options emerge. In this article, we will tell you why it is better to bet on fouls than on goals.

    Goals are hard to guess in weaker leagues

    There are over 100 professional leagues in the world, with 36 in Europe and even more if we include semi-professional and * ones. Some of the teams in these leagues are weak. They rarely manage to score 3 and more goals when they are faced against each other. Thus placing on fouls are more reasonable. Statistically in such games number of fouls exceed 30, which is a standard amount for many online betting companies.

    Casino bonuses are more oriented on fouls

    It might be a surprising fact, but most online casinos base their promotions on fouls. If you manage to guess the total amount of fouls you are rewarded with double winning. Most notably, the prominent country in offering such bonuses is Canada. As the gambling landscape is at a high level in the North American country casino bonuses designed for Canadians mostly focus on fouls. The main reason for that could be the fact that predicting the amount of correctly could be difficult in some cases; thus providers think it is fair to reward players with bonuses when they place bets on fouls than on goals.

    The defence improved significantly

    The romantic era of football when a lot of goals were scored in most of the games has long been forgotten. Yet there are teams to introduce some attacking flair in football, but they are gradually becoming more pragmatic. It is not easier to score goals in modern football. The latter has turned more physical where fouls are abundant.

    Particular players and especially defenders are known for their tenacious and hard-tackling play, leading to more fouls. So it is another very big advantage of choosing the fouls over goals.

    What to consider when betting on fouls in football?

    There are a lot of betting options for fouls and cards, but it is important to choose the event in order not to lose correctly.

    ● Consider the level of opponents. As a rule, an outsider in a match with a clear favourite breaks the rules much more often: players from a weaker team often do not keep up with their faster and more technical opponents.

    ● Focus on individual player statistics. Some players receive warnings in almost every match, committing a lot of fouls.

    ● Remember that in the first half, players are fresh and still keep up with rivals. And the judges in the first half of the match are less likely to show cards, holding them until the second half.

    ● Do not forget the importance of the meeting. For example, in playoff games in major tournaments, the number of violations increases in comparison with group stage matches.

    ● Look at the statistics of the referee. Some referees are not shy about showing a lot of cards to football players, including red ones. Others prefer to fight and resort to warnings as a last resort.

    ● Pay attention to the principle of rivals. In many derbies, the number of fouls is higher in comparison with other matches in which these teams participate.