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When to tip the casino dealer?

Discussion in 'News' started by TC News, Jan 24, 2020.

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    Nov 28, 2017
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    When to tip the casino dealer?

    One of the most important people in the casinos has to be the casino dealer themselves. Not only do they work long hours, but they are the voice of reason in an otherwise ruthless world.

    But when to tip the casino dealer? This is a question many of us do not know the answer to, and sometimes it can come across as being, simply put, done in a crude way.

    These people are a beacon of sophistication in the casino houses, upholding the rules and regs and making sure that players have a fun and exciting time, so it makes sense that a tip is deserved.

    Having said that, it is also one of the ways that a casino dealer makes good money at the end of their working day, much like a waiter.

    There are times when you should tip the casino dealer though, and this is what we are now going to cover. If you’re not into going to casinos, enjoy yourself when you play at Kingcasino.com

    The cards are in your favour
    It is time to tip the casino dealer when they are placing the cut card in your favour. In this case, the casino house has got a cut slot which will help determine where this cut card is going to go.

    For the games where this procedure is in place, the dealer has got some power as to where to place the cut card, and this is under their own discretion.

    When it comes to handheld games, the dealer has got full discretion as to where about the cut card gets placed and so they have got more control here.

    Quietly dealt, quietly tipped
    Another way to know when to tip the casino dealer is when they are not yelling out. By yelling or shouting out when dealing during a game, say by shouting “black action”, or “checks play”, this draws the attention of those that the player with an advantage does not want.

    Another reason it is a good thing when the dealer is quiet is because the dealer can then say they are ignorant when it comes to finding out the win.

    A valuable tip for advantage play
    Dealers are a gold mine when it comes to knowing information about casino procedures, regulations, policies and shift timings amongst other things.

    And, remember here, knowledge is power.

    Play for the deal
    There is another way to tip the dealer which can be more fun than simply handing over money or tokens, and that is by playing for the dealer.

    A more common thing to do with table games, when you play for the dealer it means you basically put down a wager and if this turns out to be a win it will go to the dealer’s pool.

    For example, if you are playing blackjack, you would simply place your wager and then your dealer’s next to it halfway onto the betting circle. For good measure, say “for the dealer” or “dealer’s.”

    It is nice to be nice, and when to tip a casino dealer? Ultimately, whenever you can.