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What Can Celtic Fans Expect from FIFA 21?

Discussion in 'News' started by TC News, Sep 1, 2020.

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    Nov 28, 2017
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    What Can Celtic Fans Expect from FIFA 21?

    Considering the fact that October is quickly approaching, fans of the EA Sports FIFA franchise are eagerly awaiting what is in store in regards to the latest update to thisextremely popular franchise. FIFA 21 is expected to be released on 8 October and therumour mills are already swirling. What have we learned so far? How might this gamediffer from its previous counterpart? Are there any major changes to expect? While wehave yet to access a full real-time review, there are still a number of observations whichcan be made. Let's take a look at what Celtics fans (and football fans in general) can expect.


    The Realism

    This is already a foregone conclusion and yet, it needs to be mentioned before movingon. FIFA 21 is said to be the most realistic and action-packed version of this series yet. Incredible player details, smooth movements and a highly detailed background will allprovide a truly immersive edge to the overall experience. The audio snippets duringgameplay will likewise bring a gritty edge to the matches themselves. While FIFA 20 was altogether amazing in terms of graphics, we should expect more of the same whenthis next version is released in October.

    What About New Platforms?

    Any gaming aficionado is already aware that the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X are both set to be released sometime in the end of October (the dates have yet to be conformed). This brings up an important question. Will FIFA 21 be available for theseconsoles? You will be happy to learn that a representative from EA Sports has confirmed that a newly updated version of FIFA 21 should be made available by thelatter half of November.

    User Controls

    Some games are more immersive than others. For example, it is relatively easy to learn the basics of how to play blackjack in a short period of time. The FIFA 21 platform isobviously more complicated in terms of the user interface. Users who are alreadyfamiliar with the FIFA 20 version should not encounter many issues. However, it isimportant to mention that the developers have devoted more effort towards fine tuningplayer movements and issues such as footwork. This leads us to believe that there mightbe a slight learning curve to overcome. Only time will tell.

    What Else is New?

    It is said that more legacy players will be offered within FIFA 21. Therefore, Celtics fans should expect to encounter familiar names such as Forster, Bitten, Brown, Christie, and Taylor. Also, a slight change has been made to the Ultimate Team mode. Unlike in the past, player fitness scores will no longer play a role in their performance. This is a welcome change, as users would have otherwise been forced to monitor how often a specific personality was present within a game to maximise his potential.

    FIFA 21 is set to once again redefine the virtual football community and players shouldbe amazed with what this new version has to offer.