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The Scottish Premiership

Discussion in 'News' started by TC News, Mar 3, 2020.

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    Nov 28, 2017
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    The Scottish Premiership, formerly known as the Ladbrokes Premiership whilst the leading bookmaker continued to sponsor the league has been around since 2013 and is the league competition for the Men's professional football clubs throughout the nation of Scotland.

    Scottish football has always remained completely separate to the English game; as such, the only time teams from Scotland and England would traditionally meet is through preseason friendlies, or if teams from both nations were to qualify and be drawn against each other in the Champions League.

    The Scottish Premiership has been won the most by Celtic, who have won it a staggering 6 times since the leagues introduction, in the aforementioned 2013 season. Admittedly however, the Premiership became something of a 1 horse race for several seasons back to back following the expulsion of Rangers for breaking financial running cost rules, which was punished by demoting them back to the lowest tier in Scottish Professional football.

    Whilst it could be argued that all of viewing figures, popularity and indeed quality of the league is lesser than that of perhaps the first 2 or 3 tiers in English football, this has not put off punters from including Scottish Premiership matches on their betting slips down the bookies on a Saturday. So much so that a whole new wave of both websites and companies worldwide have turned their attention to the league; supposedly offering hot tips, odds & stakes on every single game, with a large market for Irish free bets.

    As a final thought, perhaps the resurgence of Rangers FC as potentially genuine title challengers to Celtic FC this season, this has not damaged, in fact quite the opposite, perhaps provided a much needed boost to the Scottish game. No longer a sure-fire bet for Celtic to reign supreme and ultimately defend their title; but perhaps, just maybe, we may see them fall short this season to the men in blue.
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