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Ted Lasso

Discussion in 'TC Media' started by D'Ecosse, Sep 5, 2020.

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  1. D'Ecosse

    Aug 8, 2011
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    San Fran CA USA
    I watched the Trailer for this and thought it looked as I had expected from the overview, dumb show about a US American Football coach who is appointed as Coach of an English Premier League team (that in itself is bit of a joke as the stadium looks like English 4th tier maybe)
    But then I watched the actual show and was really, really surprised - I LOVE this show. For football purists, (which lets face it, we ALL are here or we wouldn't be here on the TC.net forum for starters!!) it doesn't make any sense from that perspective, but you very quickly look past that and enjoy it. There are a few laughs but it's not a sitcom type comedy - it's a real perspective on human traits and emotions and how amazingly brilliant Ted (Jason Sudekis) is at bringing his incredible skills to bear in understanding and overcoming them. He's kinda goofy and has what often seems to be a child-like innocence at times but I really like his character.
    I don't exaggerate to say this is the show I look forward to most each week as new episode comes around.
    I would say give it a shot and don't get hung up on the realism (or lack of) in the football context and just enjoy it (and don't go by the trailer which tries to show 'funny' bits when the show is about a WHOLE lot more than that)

    p.s. It's on Disney so may be limited access for a lot of you, at least for now.