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Tactics versus actuals

Discussion in 'Celtic Chat' started by JED, Nov 30, 2020.

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  1. JED

    Aug 8, 2014
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    Watching the last 7 or 8 games, I've noticed how much of the play our "defenders" are controlling. What I mean is, our back 3, 4 or 5 depending on the formation, seem to making / receiving the majority of passes and are more often than not pushing up into the opposition half and usually when they do they are advancing beyond the centre circle. My opinion of this is that it is contributing to the mediocre performances.

    Our defenders are squeezing up on our midfielders. Quite often they actually get into more advanced positions causing our midfielders to pull back to cover them, They are limiting space for them to receive a pass and then to either make runs or passes to the strikers. This congests the area of the pitch we need the space to create. Surely our creative players would be more effective in that final third? They are simply not getting the space to be creative.

    Our defenders are also caught frequently up the pitch and having to go back and chase lost causes following balls over the top. Quite often you see the guys closest to making tackles are our midfielders as they have pulled back. Surely we would want our defenders to be facing the game and making those tackles?

    If you look at the discipline teams like Ross County have shown, defenders with their back to goal and the ball in front of them. It's easier to contain Celtic when we have our whole team playing within 30 yards of their goal.

    We are shipping goals and not scoring goals.

    For me, our defenders should be made to hold back - and not stray over half way. If they do on a run for example, they should get back immediately. Leave that space for McGregor, Moi, Rogic, Christie, Turnball etc to play. It also creates space for our strikers.
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  2. The Dublin Celt Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 18, 2020
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    I posted a screenshot from the game yesterday, in which half a dozen of our outfield players are behind the ball, and Ross County's forwardmost player, while we are in possession of the ball. It was a frequent sight throughout the match.

    Bitton Jullien Ajer

    Elhamed XXXXX Laxalt...,

    Immediately, a number of our players are taken out of the game. Throw in a lack of space between the opposition's lines, and static attackers, and it is no wonder that we failed to create chances.

    What is worrying is that an experienced coaching staff either failed to identify those problems, or else was unable to fix them.
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  3. D'Ecosse

    Aug 8, 2011
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    San Fran CA USA
    The general concept of 3 at centre back is to make your full backs into wing backs who can play more advanced
    The problem with how Celtic is playing is that it makes zero difference whether its a 5 or a 4, because our full backs play EXACTLY THE SAME WAY in either formation!
    So 5 puts in an extra defender in place of a midfield player and we don't get the 'extra' benefit of the wing backs because they are already playing that role in a 4!!!!
    Then, they have not been coached in how to properly play in either formation - especially the 5 - when one wing back is advanced the other needs to be deeper and the three need to transition over to fill the space of the attacking wing back
    Now - that is how it works against a quality team - for the SPFL teams, what a waste of time - yesterday I was in absolute shock when Lennon took off El Hamid - who was at least attacking, linking & getting crosses in and bringing Duffy on, Presumably in the 'hope' that he might get on the end of a corner. And Ajer had been almost like an extra midfielder prior, driving and linking the play in the middle, then he was moved out to right back to accommodate the Duffy move and failed to fill the attacking wing-back role El Hamid had been doing.
    Since we have no real wingers right now, the 5 somewhat makes sense because we have two really good wing backs in Laxalt and Frimpong - but keep them more advanced and when they are, Brown needs to rotate into a deeper back 4, possibly even a sweeper role, or just spread in a true 4 to negate the counter.
    We just have not taught/disciplined our players in how to be able to rotate as required.
    I hate to pile on NL, because I believe he is a genuine Celtic man through and through and it must be gut wrenching to have to witness the bile and hatred to a true legend - but I've always said he is tactically inept. Kennedy is no better, it's the blind leading the blind.