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Slot Game Wagering Requirements Explained

Discussion in 'News' started by TC News, Mar 24, 2020.

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    Nov 28, 2017
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    Slot Game Wagering Requirements Explained

    Are you new to the world of slots? If so, you may need some help with slot wagering requirements. But never fear as we’ve got all the information you need right here - play today.

    What are Slot Wagering Requirements?

    Basically, slot wagering requirements are the number of times a slot bonus has to be wagered – or played through – before your winnings can be withdrawn. You see, while most online casinos try to attract you to their sites with generous introductory offers, they also attach a number of conditions to these offers. And that’s where slot wagering requirements come in because if, for instance, you’re offered a £200 sign-up cash gift, you may have to play through this sum several times to qualify for the free present.

    How to Calculate Cash Wagering Requirements

    If you wish to get the most out of slot wagering requirements, you need to be able to calculate them; thus, we’ll show you how to do that now. For example, let’s say a casino is offering you a £1,000 cash bonus x 20 wagering requirements; you’ll have to spend £20,000 (20 x 1,000 = 20,000) to receive this bonus. Of if you’re awarded a £500 bonus and have to spend this sum 4 times, you’ll need to fork out £2,000 (4x 500 = 2,000) to get your hands on it.

    How to Calculate Free Spin Wagering Requirements

    However, wagering requirements aren’t just attached to free cash offers; they’re often tied to free spins. If, for instance, you’re given 100 no deposit free spins for joining a casino in cyberspace with a 50x wagering requirement attached, the wagering requirement applies to any winnings on these spins. Therefore, let’s say you win £100 from those free spins. Then you’ll have to spend £5,000 (50 x £100) on that game to be able to withdraw the gift.

    Beating Wagering Requirements

    Since every casino attaches its own terms and conditions to their wagering requirements, you need to take your time before signing up for bonus offers. Thankfully, there are few things you can do to beat the play through requirement.

    For a start, shop around for the best casinos in cyberspace. You don’t want to be joining casinos that have no intention of honouring their commitments. Consequently, scroll through a list of the top licensed casinos (those licensed by the UK Gambling Commission).

    Then, shop around for the best bonus offers from these. Be sure to read the fine print very carefully on all offers, though. Then, you won’t have any nasty surprises waiting for you.
    Finally, choose the right games to take advantage of the bonuses. You see, different games contribute differently to the wagering requirements. Generally, table games give you less bang for your bucks. So, stick with slots when spending these bonus offers.

    Final Thoughts

    We hope that you enjoyed this article on slot wagering requirements. And now that you know a great deal about them, why don’t you put your knowledge to good use.