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Next Seasons Squad

Discussion in 'Celtic Chat' started by ApartPidgeon, Feb 21, 2021.

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  1. McGrory1888

    Jan 22, 2013
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    Fav Celtic Player:
    Odsonne Edouard
    Fav Celtic Song:
    Let The People Sing & Grace
    GK - Barkas, Bain, Hazard

    RB - 2 x new, O’Connor
    CB - 2 x new, Jullien, Welsh
    LB - 1 x new, Taylor

    DM - 1 x new, Soro
    CM - 1 x new, McGregor, Turnbull
    AM - 1 x new, Rogic

    RW - 1 x new, Forrest
    LW - 1 x new, Johnston

    ST - 1 x new, Griffiths, Ajeti, Klimala

    At an absolute minimum, there’s eleven new players required. It’s easily argued that we need a new GK and another striker on top of that too. Mental.

    Personally I think that, given his pedigree when he arrived, any new manager will likely want to give Barkas a run behind a settled defence to see what he’s made of.
  2. jambo_cfc

    Apr 24, 2005
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    subs bain, johnson , taylor , welsh , griff , brown , soro

    Leaving - eddie , barkas , bayo , nhctam , rogic , ajeti , dembele , ralston , christie , hendry

    out on loan - henderson , klimala

    i have put ajer down as i think there may be something sorted for one more season or even something till January. But we need 6 new starters at least plus plus the bench doesnt fill me with confidence! Brown will get one more season as player / coach i think but will be bit part ! Klimala needs to go out on loan as does henderson but im not optimistic about klimala , ajeti needs gone as he has no work rate but that may change . So if you ask me we need a mimium of 9 players to come in. You could switch shaw for soro but for me shaw gives us extra height! Two full backs should be in the lustig mould

    needed - 3 full backs , 2cbs , 2 wingers , 2 strikers

    Of the players to leave we should be able to bring in roughly 40millon which needs to be invested back into the team
    Eddie - 20mil , barkas 2mil , ntcham 5mil , ajeti 3mil , hendry 1mil , bayo 1mil , christie 5mil, rogic 2mil
  3. fms06

    Jul 27, 2010
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    Derry City
    Jesus think we are bad shape now wait until the summer....massive recruitment needed NOW...no clue as to who will be the manager, not even a sign, so we cant recruit.....back line gone, no relevant strikers, no confidence in recruitment dept with Nick H....

    Ffs it's hard to believe how short sighted we have been, if PL wasnt resigning he should be sacked, talk about self sabotage. Gross misconduct at the highest level, disgraceful.
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  4. bhoy81

    May 11, 2008
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    from parkhead glasgow but now live in merseyside
    I wouldn’t mind Marshall but will that happen?

    Can’t agree with Taylor at all. Welsh needs game time and would give him more.

    If we can keep Ajer I would make him captain.

    Moi is on loan and can’t see us getting him for a third stint, don’t think he is worth the money either.

    Kenny is not good enough either.

    Apart from Turnbull, Soro and if Cal Mac stays like Ajer we need a massive rebuild.

    We are so far behind them it’s frightening.

    I doubt we will agree or see eye to eye on this one.
  5. The Dublin Celt Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 18, 2020
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    These players have shown that they are good enough (and, generally, fit enough, although two of them are out with long-term injuries) to start regularly for Celtic:

    Defender Jullien Defender Defender
    Turnbull McGregor
    Forward Forward

    Defender Welsh Defender Defender
    Midfielder Midfielder
    Forward Forward Forward​

    We need another twenty or so players in the squad, so we will have to retain or promote players who are already on our books. The players below have two years or more to run on their contracts.

    Goalkeepers: Bain, Barkas, Hazard
    Defenders: Taylor, O'Connor
    Midfielders: Bitton, Rogić, Connell, Robertson
    Forwards: Ajeti, Klimala, Johnston

    We could, perhaps, get away with half a dozen of them in the squad, but we would still be well short of numbers, let alone quality.
  6. Wee Baldy

    Oct 28, 2020
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    Glasgow East
    Fav Celtic Player:
    Henrik Larsson
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    Walk On
    Hopefully we can get a right good manager in who can maybe bring some half decent players along with him as we can certainly do with some
  7. Foley1888

    May 15, 2008
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    After watching that second half today you could sell all them near enough for me. Absolutely abysmal.

    For me our team badly lack physicality and pace. We need it through the team as we currently have too many lightweight limited players who look like they have lost their hunger as well as some who are simply not good enough.

    For GK I would take Marshall to steady the ship or Marcus Bettinelli from Fulham on a bosman for the same reason. Some one that can be relied upon.

    At CB we are going to need to replace Ajer, Julien is also out for a long time which only leaves Welsh. I think we need 3 players in, we need a physical, pacy player who is fairly comfortable on the ball. In our price range Joseph Okumu of Elfsborg would be a good buy, probably about £2m. He’s 23, left footed as well but is comfortable on his right. Sinsa Sanicanin is another on a bosman at 25 and a Bosnian international who is also left sided and has the attributes to be a success here. Riechedly Bazoer 24 from Vitesse, very comfortable on the ball athletic and can play in a 2 or 3 as well as at DM, given his adaptability he would be a good option for a number of formations would cost about £2.5m. Lastly Akos Keckes of Lugano, 25 would be a good option to cover Julien he is right sided strong in the air, and comfortable on the ball. He has decent pace too, he would be a bosman.

    We need two full back/ wing backs who are capable of providing pace and running power Ryan Nyambe of Blackburn on a bosman would be a good option on the right, the left back Liberto Cacace would be a great investment he’s quick, strong and capable in attack. He would cost about £3m but would have serious sell on potential.

    In midfield we need someone to complement what we have as Turnbull, Christie and McGregor in the same team are far too lightweight. Brown is too old now and we need someone to help out Soro with the grafting to get the balance right. Aliou Dieng, 23, El Ahly and Malian international midfielder. He’s powerful and would compliment what we have, alternatively not big but similar to Soro is Alhassan Yusef, of IFK Goteburg, he is only 20 but already got a lot of interest for his energetic midfield performances. Others like Patrick Berg of Bodo/Glimt, Simon Olsson Elfsborg, Dejan Ljubicic of Rapid Vienna, or Alex Mowatt from Barnsley would be good all round midfield options the latter two being bosmans. Daleho Irandust of Hacken in Sweden would be a good Rogic replacement who could be an alternative option to rotate with Turnbull. He would be a good bit of business as his deal is up at the end of December so should be available for a decent price.

    For wingers we should look at Isaac Mbenza on a bosman from Huddersfield, Anthony Scully of Lincoln City, bosman, Florian Kruger, Kevin Cabral and Ibrahim Kane of Vorskla Poltava or Vladyslav Kochergin of Zoyra would all be good options.

    For strikers we badly need a striker who can lead the line, hold up play and bring other players into the game. We have badly lacked this since Dembele left. Jorgen Strand Larsen, Sydney Van Hooijdonk, and Thomas Henry would all be good options, if Van Hooijdonk I would be looking at bringing in him and another given his inexperience and we need at least 2 anyway as bar Edouard who is going none of the rest are reliable or up to it. Balogun of Arsenal on a bosman would be a coup as he looks to have some potential. Fashion Sakala they have been linked with looks decent on a bosman. Kasper Junker if he starts this season decent would be another one to consider.

    It is going to take us getting good money for those who are looking to leave and investing it wisely in players from comparable leagues who are looking to progress on to bigger things in the game and have that hunger to succeed. The likes of Scandinavian
    Leagues, Eredivisie outside the top teams, Belgium the same, Central and Eastern European leagues outside the big ones and the 2nd tier leagues in Germany and France.
    Last edited: Feb 27, 2021
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  8. dmac

    Oct 2, 2009
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    The problem is the money hasn't been spent wisely everyone has been saying for the past few seasons that too many project players were being brought in and should have been a couple more ready to play options, now we have a rebuild to get on with and no manager or structure in place it's been so short sighted absolutely no forward planning from the club. Get it right straight away and we will all be delighted but the way things have gone this could take a couple of seasons to repair. All the bluster from the club about having millions in the bank which could have been so much more had we not blown so many chances to get into the group stages of the CL that is where the problems started but because the league was being won no one at the club seemed bothered unlike the fans who were questioning the ambition of the club.
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  9. The_Bhoy

    May 20, 2020
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    Would like to see us give youth a chance for once if we’re gonna be going for a rebuild anyway. * it. Give welsh game time, get hjelde in that team too. If he can start every game in this league for county at 17 he’s fit enough so that can’t be our usual “get up to speed” excuse. Give connell and Robertson their chances too and straight away that promotes 4 positions within that otherwise we might have gone and spent money on.
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  10. Westlondonscot Gold Member Gold Member

    Apr 19, 2018
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    Ealing, in Lahhhhhhndan
    Fav Celtic Player:
    Hjelde is probably worth a shot, if even only 5th choice.
    I'd rather we spent money on several good players rather than lots of mediocre ones.
    Whoever the new DOF is needs to arrange friendlies during the Euros to assess how good our reserve players are and get them fit. They need to be ready to go, Taylor and McGregor will be given rests after the euros. Forrest, Turnbull and Griff too if they get picked.
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  11. seanm

    Mar 4, 2013
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    Where do you start with that squad lol.HH
  12. buchanbhoy

    Dec 8, 2008
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    Fav Celtic Player:
    jimmy johnstone
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    willie malley song
    I hope the stadiums are open next season as we will have to spend an awful lot of money to make this squad competitive, too much money has been spent on * lately apart from Turnbull .
  13. The_Bhoy

    May 20, 2020
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    Crazy mate that that’s exactly what should happen friendly wise and yet it probably won’t, we never seem to make the logical easily seen decisions right now! Think there’s a lot of kids that can step up to perform spfl level. In that case we should be getting quality over quantity player wise but I can see the rebuild just being loads of “hopefuls” and “projects”
  14. CountyDownFaithful

    Jul 11, 2018
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    Ideally we should be aiming to have two players in each position.

    1st choice: New GK (Marshall?)
    2nd choice: Barkas

    1st choice: New RB (Kenny loan?)
    2nd choice: New RB

    CB 1
    1st choice: Jullien
    2nd choice: New CB/Welsh

    CB 2
    1st choice: New CB (Ajer will be away)
    2nd choice: New CB

    1st choice: New LB
    2nd choice: Taylor

    CM 1
    1st choice: McGregor
    2nd choice: New CM

    CM 2
    1st choice: Soro
    2nd choice: New CM

    1st choice: Turnbull
    2nd choice: New CAM

    1st choice: New RW
    2nd choice: Forrest

    1st choice: New LW
    2nd choice: Johnston

    ST 1
    1st choice: Ajeti?
    2nd choice: New ST

    ST 2
    1st choice: New ST
    2nd choice: Griffiths/Klimala

    Would then have 4/5 youngsters in the squad as well - Robertson, Connell etc.
  15. Dan Breen

    Sep 6, 2019
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    I suspect we will be saddled with several players that are not good enough-Barkas, Taylor, Bain, Ajeti, Paddy etc.
    Cannot see any of the current loans being taken permanently.
    Also, reckon the reality of our financial situation will come as a shock to many-and that applies to most clubs. Just dont reckon new man will have an open cheque book.
    So the massive rebuild will be dependent on what we can recoup from offloading some of our want always, whose value is plummeting with every passing game.
    Also, now would be a good time to try some of the players who have been knocking on the door for the past few years and see if they have got it-Henderson Johnston, Connell etc. These are not kids. I suspect that if they were going to make it, they would have been played by now. So some of this group will need to be offloaded.
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  16. celtic warrior

    Aug 29, 2007
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    We need a proper thorough scouting system in place.... Don't feel like we've been any good and unearthing talent for years now.

    We could easily spend £15mill and build a fantastic core of a an 11. We could easily spend £30mill and end up with rubbish like Barkas and Ajeti..... I only say rubbish because the amount we've spent on players especially they two and what have we got to show for it?

    The rebuild will only be as hard as we make it. We should still have the means and ability to out muscle anyone in Scotland. Whether our board actually want to utilise it is another thing altogether.
  17. Beckenbauer 9 in a row Gold Member

    Jan 11, 2010
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    I feel like next season will be a bit of a struggle but needed long term. Such a massive rebuild on and off the pitch required that we need to have a bit of patience.
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  18. The_Bhoy

    May 20, 2020
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    I’ll have patience if we trust in at least 4 u21s each match. If we’re gonna rebuild we need to give youth a chance. And with the way footballs going that’s where the money is. Especially with brexit too. Look at all the top European clubs this last few years buying English players cos they know they can sell them back for inflated prices due to rules sure to come into force about player movement. (If we become independent forget that point ahah!) but yeah our view now should be youth and there’s plenty of guys who will do the job for us. Welsh would never have got his chance if it wasn’t forced upon. Instead of chances being forced they should be given
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  19. Peej Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 11, 2013
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    Fav Celtic Player:
    Fav Celtic Song:
    Let The People Sing
    Barkas, Bain, Hazard

    Right Back:

    Center Back:
    Julien, Ajer*, Bitton, Welsh, Hendry*

    Left Back:
    Taylor, Boli

    Center Mid:
    Soro, Turnbull, Christie*, Rogic, Connell, McGregor, Henderson*, Shaw, Ntcham*

    Forrest, Mikey, Shved

    Griffiths*, Ajeti, Klimala, Edouard*, Bayo*

    * Players who will have one year remaining on the contract at the start of the new season.
    That is our squad for the qualifiers as it stands.
    Pretty * grim.

    Of all the * pretty much expect them all to be sold in the summer.
    Ralston - 300k to a Championship or League 1 team - England or Scotland.
    Ajer - £12-15million to Milan or the ilk
    Hendry - £1million hopefully to the club he is on loan at, or an alternative Belgium club.
    Christie - £7million to Southampton (or similar)
    Ntcham - £5million to anyone who will take him.
    Griffiths - £3million to a Derby sort of club - arguably I would throw another contract at him if he can sort himself out.
    Bayo - £1-2million to Toulouse if they are interested
    Edouard - £15million to an Arsenal level club - shame because it should have been double this, but honestly think we will struggle to get the big margin we was hoping for. Ideally he signs a new deal with a new manager though.

    Total - £44.3 - 48.3 million incoming.

    If we play it right, that is a lot of money to come IN to the club, more than we would ever have brought in before in one season i would imagine. Add on the potential £11million from Frimpong.
    It'd cover the short fall of the Covid fiasco and then some!

    From there, I would want to see a proper structure in place with an exciting talent in as Head Coach and a steady guy in as DoF.

    £30million to then spend entirely on the squad, banking the other £14-18million to ease the Covid pressure and pay towards the new backroom staff.

    I'd honestly look to also sell Boli for whatever the * we can get for him and look to then get Laxalt back on another loan deal.
    Taylor for me is fine as backup and to be honest, I aint wanting to spend £5million on every issue we have here, so accept what we can get.

    CB we need to then go all out and sign at least 2 CB on the same level of Ajer and Julien. probably the crux of out dealings. make it £12million or so between the two new CB pairing.

    Bring in a Lustig style RB, solid name, sturdy player, been around the block but obviously not going to break the bank, £3million or so.

    Midfield 3 should be built around Sor, McGregor and Turnbull.
    Connell needs brought up Robertson and Henderson need assessed and loaned out if not deemed good enough yet.
    Rogic I would keep as rotation with Turnbull.
    Go sign ONE player of the expected calibre of when we signed Ntcham, £5million.

    Wingers, Shved probably to be sold, although I reckon there is a decent backup player to a fully fit Forrest if we can find it. Demebele would have been an ideal backup to him, but low and behold we * that one. May need to go source one - £2million.
    Left side, Mikey needs to be brought on now, getting too old to be considered backup and needs to get his fitness equally sorted. However for good competition I would also chase after another £5million winger, in the mold of Sinclair or Ely, pref someone who could play either side at a push.

    Striker, tough one as none remaining (with Edouard likely gone) seem ready to grasp the first team spot, but hopefully a new manager and new system gets the best out of Ajeti and Klimala. Either way, numbers are still thin if Griffiths was to move on as well. So another 2 likely needed. £5million spare, go all out on a proper signing and a loan again on a Edouard level like we did previously.

    £30million spent on:

    Left Back - loan
    Center Back - 2
    Right Back - 1 (2 if we can find a youth player as well)
    CM - 1 (but need to organise the players we already have, properly)
    Winger - 1 (again assuming we get a tune out of Shved)
    Striker - 2

    Totally FM style of changes going on here, but honestly we may need to be this * drastic. Financially it could be done, it would get the backing of the fans if we make these sort of moves and do it quickly.
  20. shaunm

    Aug 9, 2014
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    Can’t see us spend £30 million,will be half that if we’re lucky,we will probably go down the cheap projects route again,with 3 or 4 higher profile Loan players added aswell
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