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MON and Brendans first league match teams

Discussion in 'Celtic Chat' started by Mr Diggler, Mar 4, 2021.

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  1. Mr Diggler

    Aug 9, 2014
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    I have been reading a lot about how the summer could be the biggest rebuild possibly ever. I thought it might be interesting to look at the other big rebuilds we went through under MON and Rodgers. Interestingly enough both started with
    2-1 victories away from home. O'Neil began away to Dundee Utd and looking back his team was very much a work in progress. He made average players better and good players top class as time went on. His 1st team:

    Celtic: Gould, Stubbs, Valgaeren, Boyd, Mahe, McNamara, Lambert, Berkovic, Petrov, Larsson, Sutton.

    Rodgers did much the same thing with the team he took over. He made guys we thought were no hopers very good players and took us from a position of domestic victories to complete dominance and also the Champions league. His 1st team:

    Celtic: Gordon, Tierney, O'Connell, Touré, Lustig, McGregor, Armstrong, Brown, Forrest, Griffiths, Dembele.
  2. ILoveTheCeltic

    Jan 7, 2011
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    Republic of Glesga
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    Kieran Tierney
    Lennon's first team as well was pretty much

    Cha Majstorovic Loovens Izaguirre
    Brown Kayal Ledley Commons
    Hooper Stokes


    Forster, Cha, Majstorovic, Izaguirre,Mulgrew, Kayal, Ledley, Commons, Forrest, Murphy, Hooper and Stokes had never played for us before. Rogne had only started 2 games and Ki 5 games before then and and Loovens, Wilson, McCourt and Maloney had barely played much mostly due to fitness and injuries in the years before and Samaras had started 57 games and been used as a sub 50 times then, was mostly an inconsistent squad player.

    His main 20 players his first season only really Brown got a game before.

    The season before the team had mostly been

    Hinkel Thompson O'Dea Braafheid
    McGeady Brown Nguemo Kamara
    Fortune Keane


    All them left except Hinkel(who missed the entire season), Brown, Loovens, Rogne, Wilson, Ki, McCourt, Maloney and Samaras. So we went into Lennon's first season pretty much with 1 starter and 7 squad players from the season before and 2 of them were Rogne and Ki who were also new and the others were 4 guys who were never fit (Loovens, Wilson, McCourt and Maloney) and Samaras.

    That was a bigger rebuild than this summer, especially considering there should be plenty of money as well if players do leave.
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  3. david100825

    Oct 22, 2008
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    What formation was Brendan playing in that game?
  4. WhitleyCelt

    Aug 17, 2020
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    I think the big issue will be those managers didn’t have to rebuild during a pandemic where the purse strings might have to be that wee bit tighter.

    The wrong appointments at footballing level will see the ST glory hunters walk away and the big Lisbon lions banners coming back again. We don’t know how long Covid is going to affect crowds. It should be a better season but I don’t expect us to spend 20-30m but that’s what’s needed.

    Like I’ve said on previous threads, the board not forward planning this eventuality is going to hit us hard. Foreign players will not be keen on moving until Covid settles down. Look at Barky, absolutely struggled since he came, hasn’t had the chance to even experience a night oot in Glasgow yet. If we aren’t careful we could end up with a team of Barkys.
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  5. Can'tbehooped

    Feb 24, 2020
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    Henrik Larsson
    I'd say neither of those were major rebuilds.

    Rodgers had plenty thatvwere in before and still are part of the team. He was able to coach players to get better out of them. Yes he did bring in some good ones too but also loads of guff.

    Going into next season we have a drastically underperforming team with some huge gaps (defense, goals) some major departures expected across all areas,brexit implications on signings, financial implications from covid so Likely have less to spend from that (but that will also be affecting who we buy from so that's a bit moot as it is affecting all teams/players) upheaval at board level with a new CEO coming in, potentially a DOF and an unknown on the manager situation right now meaning planning and chance to get pre contracts etc is diminished.

    It's definitely going to be a challenge and I'd say it comes down to getting a proper coach in first tahts the most important bit, someone that can get the most out of the players we have, make some smart signings (a mix of now and some to develop) and get youth sorted out so we can have a pathway into the first team for them to get those in. I can't see anyone in the youth currently that will have a Tierney or Mcgregor kind of impact. Welsh is the only youth currently really involved (mikey just hasn't been this season but he is good) and those out on loan haven't really stood out much
  6. callumrae1967

    May 9, 2010
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    Seem to recall Griffiths out on the right so 4-2-3-1 I think.
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  7. Celtic_renard News Writer News Writer

    Aug 7, 2014
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    Patrick Roberts
    Neither of those teams are bad. The Rodgers one has a bit of a suspect centre half pairing but apart from that it looks extremely strong and the Martin O’Neil side is packed with quality at both ends of the pitch.