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Media bias and Propaganda.

Discussion in 'TalkCeltic News' started by packybhoy, Jan 30, 2020.

By packybhoy on Jan 30, 2020 at 8:33 PM
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    Coming toward the end of January it could be argued that we sit just like we were this time last season. We were sitting level on points with rangers albeit a goal difference of 5 goals and a match in hand. Fast forward 12 months and we are sitting 5 points better off, 6 goals better off and an extra game played over our rivals.

    I have been sitting perplexed this season as to why so many of our own support are fretting and sweating on a blue title win that will halt Celtic’s quest of winning 9 in a Row for the second time in our history. Also with that a continuation of domestic bliss, another step closer to 10 in a Row and diminishing the rangers nine straight titles of the 90s.


    Yes, Gerrard has rangers playing at a much higher level and with consistency. He has managed to tame Morelos a bit better and curtail his bad temper, although it has been evident in the last month when the pressure is on. No coincidence that Ryan Jack and Tavernier are big reasons for their better form. The main thing is definitely the outplaying of Celtic several times this season. It was these performances they played with more hunger, desire and tough mentality and it has helped them climb up from our coattails to start breathing down our necks.

    These, first and foremost, are the obvious reasons that has Our supporters getting fidgety and overdrive minds are in full pelt. Of course this is naturally understandable but not to the extent some have shown before rangers slip up at Tynecastle on Sunday. Sections within our support have also bought into a media campaign that has been manipulating and leading with exclusive print stories, Spoken punditry and to give it a name, Propaganda. This is a sector of society that sees many friends of the rangers persuasion in positions to enhance the chances of the title going back to Ibrox for 55 League championships.(Ahem) Say it enough and you can persuade large swathes of the sporting population in Scotland.


    They are shouting from the rooftops. They have raised Steven Gerrard to Legendary status along with all the greats to walk the Govan Institutions halls in their brown brogues. The hysteria has been whipped up all season to levels that are only seen when trophies have been won. It’s crass, it’s nauseating and it’s the same group of cronies that have been driving home the propaganda campaign. Wittingly or unwittingly. They can’t hide it. Stand up Kris Boyd and take a bow.

    Disgraceful is the best way to describe his behaviour at H/T of a recent Celtic v rangers game. This guy was spitting venom because the ref had given Celtic a penalty that should not have been. (It should. It was.) Boyd’s head was ready to explode off his shoulders and came across as bitter, spiteful, petty and definitely not fitting of a pundit. Fast forward a few weeks and we have the same guy questioning the mentality of Griffiths. I’m not going to dig up his family background because it’s well known but for a guy that has done brilliant work to start up a mental health charity, he has let himself down badly. To make matters worse he retracts his statement by claiming he meant something different. The cats out of the bag, deal with it.

    Thankfully I gave up on the radio phone ins and newspapers a few years ago as they were dumbing down even more when they should have been upping their game. I have sympathy for teams outside of Celtic or rangers because it is true they are always an afterthought and never get the publicity they deserve when playing well.

    Of the two Glasgow teams Celtic reporting is plentiful in negative angles and usually nonsense or opinions sold as the truth. Report on rangers though and this where the Disney levels of storytelling get going in full swing. (Alfredo’s car?) Always has been that way and it would be fair to say that the Masonic brotherhood have a firm hand in guiding what was to be told and what was to be kept under wraps. Scotland is full of pretend sports journalists and sports presenters who know that to speak the whole truth would be not favourable for their career. Who is funding the huns? How long before the second bubble goes pop? Who is behind the false leaking of Morelos transfers? And the biggest story is Dave King? That alone would keep a journalist busy for at least a year. Nothing to see here. Move along please.



    For me the only outlet that gives the Hoops a fair crack of the whip is BT Sports SPFL team. No surprise it is an outlet that isn’t controlled in Scotland and an English man that can’t be silenced in Chris Sutton. The very reason he doesn’t have too many admirers North of the border outwith the Celtic support. He doesn’t pull punches and gives it to everyone double barrel, even Celtic. He was first out with Celtic using the cheap option of taking on Ronnie Deila and he was correct. Also the banter with him and Craiggan is brilliant.


    As We get to the gripping stages, and it has been exciting this season thus far, we have the spine of a team who have been over the course. This makes me fairly confident that come May we will have added another league title to our trophy cabinets. Quadruple treble possibly but the league is the holy grail for us. The huns have nothing left to give after this one as it is obvious they are pulling out all the stops to try and foil our domestic dominance. I think their desperation will knock them off course and the hype and bias of pundits and Scottish media will add pressure and microscope everything they do. As for their fans. Halfwits. No further comment.


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