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Are Slot Games A Good Option For High Rollers?

Discussion in 'News' started by TC News, Feb 12, 2020.

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    Nov 28, 2017
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    Are Slot Games A Good Option For High Rollers?

    When someone mentions slot games, old-fashioned penny or pound slots are normally the first things that come to mind. In fact most people are surprised when they find out it’s possible to win up to tens of millions of pounds in one spin. Slot games now aren’t just tailored to the everyday * who only plays for a bit of fun. It’s a multibillion pound industry with millions of people playing high risk, high reward stakes. Whilst the majority are tailored to the everyday small budget, a growing amount of slots at Barbadosbingo.com are geared towards the big betters. Still not entirely convinced? Keep reading to see exactly if slot games are a good option for high rollers.

    The majority of slot games are limited to a small amount of paylines with maximum betting limits of around £10 each spin. This is still quite a high figure to be spending on each bet but is nowhere near the upper limits of others. There are millions of games that can still be played with hundreds – if not thousands of pounds on each spin. These high stake games can come in a variety of forms, including but not limited to, classic slots, 3D slots, virtual reality slots, progressive slots, and many more. Progressive slots are some of the most popular high stake slots that any punter can choose to play. They offer the largest of jackpot prizes with payout amounts so high they are without a doubt, life-changing amounts of money. Rather than a fixed amount, the jackpot progressively (hence the name) rises as players contribute with each spin. For every coin played for a spin, a small amount is put towards feeding the big jackpot prize. Multiple slot machines are connected together meaning that often hundreds if not thousands of players feed the jackpot at any given time. The high rewards mean that often large bets are required and players should have a healthy bank balance to hold them through any dry spells. This is what makes this form of slot game a perfection option for any high rollers.

    Slots are perhaps arguably the most random and luck based out of all casino games played. Random number generators mean that players have less ability to influence results than say in more strategy based games like poker and blackjack. However thanks to return to player and variance rates, slots can still vary massively, especially in terms of suitability for different playing styles. For example, some slots have lower return to player rates but higher variance. This means that whilst there is more of a house edge and money is won less often, the high variance ensures the potential for the occasional huge win. The absolute perfect option for high roller players who can afford long periods with little luck and hold out for the monster win.

    Admittedly not all are suited for high rollers, but that’s what makes the wonderful world of slot games so fantastic. There is something out there for absolutely everyone.