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    Transfer Rumour Forum Rules:

    The following rules are to be followed without exception. Also, not knowing the rules isn't an excuse, it's your responsibility to read and follow the rules and guidelines of this website.

    All speculation regarding players coming to and going from Celtic, not Rangers or any other club, are to be posted in the transfer rumour forum.

    Also, the following prefixes are to be selected when creating a thread. No prefix, it will be locked without warning.

    [Link] is to be used when you have an actual link to the story from a reputable media outlet to back up your claim e.g. BBC Sport, Sky Sports, Newspaper Website (e.g. Daily Record/Scottish Sun website).

    [No Link]
    When heard or read on TV/Newspaper but you have no link to the story available to post.

    If you have simply heard through word of mouth, or saw on Twitter, or other forums etc. then post in Non Media Rumours.

    Player suggestions should be posted in the thread of that name.

    If anyone is unsure of these rules, you contact staff before you post

    Hail Hail!
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