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    There is a total ban on the posting of all Images/Gifs that are anything not specifically and clearly Celtic related.

    The posting of any non-official Match Links/Streams is prohibited from this section of the forum.

    On Match days, the forum attracts a high volume of visitors looking solely for streams to our games. This high traffic has a detrimental effect on the server, which in turn leads to pages taking longer to load and that is causing problems for our members.

    You may suggest a website where a member may find a stream, or pm a stream to another member.

    Links to streams may be posted in the designated thread within the private Gold Members section - The Huddle.

    Please do Not post any direct links to the Daily Record, Articles may be copied and pasted, but any links will be removed.

    All other Site rules apply.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.