CONIFA European Football Cup 2019: A Football Clash of Those Who Were Pushed to the Sidelines

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    CONIFA European Football Cup 2019: A Football Clash of Those Who Were Pushed to the Sidelines

    The unrecognized nations that belong the football scene now finally get a chance to shine – CONIFA 2019 is here! Every season, a new tournament takes place, and it can easily be compared to what you can expect from the world-class level of football. Although these are no grand competitors, don’t make any mistake – they put on a great show!

    Featuring the likes of Matabeleland, Northern Cyprus, Monaco, Kuvalu, Donetsk, and so forth, the football enthusiasts have more than plenty to look forward to as we progress to unveiling who’s going to entertain us this year.

    In today’s Guide to Conifa Euro Football Cup 2019, we will not only be looking at who’s taking part in this year’s clash, but also at what you can expect from this year’s competition in general.

    Fast forward to 2019

    Earlier in January 2019, the announcement was made public – Artsakh would become the host for the 2019 edition of the now-world-famous football clash. The event is scheduled to take place from the 1st to the 9th of June 2019.

    For the third time all around, CONIFA will attract all these teams and their fans to what we hope will be the greatest football clash thus far. 2019 is the year when 12 teams will compete for the championship title. As of right now, 11 teams have already been announced, with the last one still being a mystery.

    Pot 1

    Székely Land

    Pot 2

    Donetsk PR
    County of Nice
    Western Armenia

    Pot 3

    South Ossetia
    Luhansk PR

    The group analysis

    Artsakh, the hosts, have been placed in group 1. They will be duking it out with Sapmi to see who has what it takes to come out on top. But for the most part, the viewers want to see what’s going to come down in groups 2 and 3… the so-called groups of death. Guess who’s in them? It’s none other than County of Nice and Abkhazia, the former champions! Chameria is going to have to show some serious muscle if they ever hope to stand a chance to prevail against such fearsome adversaries.

    As for group 3 specifically… there will be some serious action there, mark our words. You see, Padania, the two-times European champions will square off against Sardinia. No one has a clue who will come out on top, but one thing is certain; prepare your pop corn satchels, as this is going to be a fearsome one! Donetsk are entering the Cup for the very first time, and no doubt they’re full of surprises.

    Finally, as we move to group 4, the spot where Western Armenia was placed. Without a shred of doubt, this is the group that is bound to receive a ton of cheering from the fans. They will be facing a formidable foe who’s none other than Szekely Land as well as South Ossetia. One of them will progress to the quarter finals, but as of right now, it’s next to impossible to make the call.

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