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May 19, 2012
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North East, Scotland
Financial services

Tim-Time 1888

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    1. Jeannie960
      awe ty for the bday wishes :50:
    2. Tim-Time 1888
      Tim-Time 1888
      For the Dark - Cheers for the message, although I would obviously disagree he had me 'telt'. While I think he was a dickhead, in his defence, at least he wasn't a xenophobic racist wee wanker.
      He also wasn't a coward who posted visitor messages but blocked others from replying to his messages on his own page. You really are a stain on this forum.
    3. James Joyce
      James Joyce
      og1 had you telt.
    4. \o/
      Aye, cause I'm not gold just now :56:
    5. mark82
      Yeah mate, I just got caught up in the footie this week and lost track to be honest. Song C was solid! Found that one a struggle to vote on!

      Some effort Taz and Minty put into these things :50:
    6. Minty
      New draft up if you're up for giving it a go.
    7. Random Review
      Random Review
      Thanks, mate. That's really kind of you. Glad to see you're still fighting the good fight on here.
    8. mark82
    9. mark82
      What's wrong with the cunt below?
      Does he not understand the concept of lying?

      Moon unit so he is.
    11. og1
      Just to be clear because you do seem to find it hard to gather meaning from what people write. I don't literally mean you are a head the ball, if such a thing exists. It's a phrase in the English language that figuratively means, ya mad man, scoundrel, something like that.

      PM me if you are a bit lost and need help understanding subtext. You know the kind where you say you don't care about the result as long as your team's not pumped. You know using a phrase to say you couldn't take another heavy defeat. Something like that.
    12. og1
      Aye no bother ya head the ball
    13. og1
      Seek help. Honestly i'm not being smart. Seeing things that are not there is a warning sign. No need to thank me just look after yourself fella.
    14. og1
      I'm trying to work out if you are even right in the head. Where did I say that I wanted Celtic to lose?
    15. og1
      I didnt say I wanted Celtic to lose nor did I imply it. It takes a sick mind to come up with that from what I have said. You are a liar and you were caught spreading falsehoods about me. Whatever you have to do to justify your petty scummy behavior you do it but dont be interacting with me and dont be blackening my name in public.
    16. og1
      Bullshit you were strutting around saying I want to see Celtic get beat. After I called you up on it you digged through my posts to find evidence that wasn't there. You found a post by me and quoted me as saying I dont care if we win lose or draw as long as we dont get pumped. Thats the best you could do. And by the way that totally disproves what you were trying to say in the first place. I said I dont care if we lose therefore saying its grand if we lose as long as we dont get pumped. That is the opposite of wanting us to lose.

      You are going around saying I want Celtic to lose. This is a lie. You had a hard time looking too. You know I never said that and you know I dont want us to lose. So for you to say it misrepresents me using a falsehood. That is a lie.

      I gave you the benefit of the doubt thinking you might have heard that falsehood and just repeated it. How can you not see how that is an insult?
    17. og1
      Aye me saying I dont care if we win lose or draw as long as we dont get pumped is the same thing. Maybe I fucking imagined the Celtic song too. Look stop trying to dig yourself out. You insulted me and if you're not writing to apologize then we dont have any further business. Ok. No more lies either you are basically calling me a hun or as good as so pack it in.
    18. og1
      I dont give a fuck. I said I dont care if we win lose or draw as long as we dont get pumped. I also said I am unhappy he is still our manager. You are trying to blacken my name by saying I want us to lose. Which is false. You know what you're at and its the lowest of the low. You are that petty that the only way you can get at me is to spread lies and get under my skin. That is scumbag material. As much as I have rows with many men on here it's never personal. It's a passionate game and argument happen. What you are up to is something else entirely. You think I want Celtic to lose. Pathetic.
    19. Bunk Moreland
      Bunk Moreland
      I know mate, too many people let their political viewpoint take over from simple common sense at times rather than wait for the facts to come out first. Offer them an alternative view other than the one they want to believe and they don't want to hear it.
    20. \o/
      Don't worry about it, I try and avoid the full thing. Haven't went back and read what it was originally about. End up getting tangled up in it and it's a pain in the hole:56:
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    North East, Scotland
    Financial services
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    Enrico Annoni
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    -My Heart may be heavy, But my conscience is clear, I tried to free Scotland, I showed no fear. -

    "all it takes for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing"