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    1. Mcguire1
      Well as far as I'm concerned, if he's allowed back, you've got the green light to go to town on him. If he can repeatedly get personal with you and your family etc and stay here, then what's good for the goose......
    2. Mcguire1
      Wasn't digging you out bud, if that's how you took it..

      Was saying fair enough for Minty for speaking out about it first and foremost when he probably didn't need to himself, and them supposedly dealing with the matter, on the other side..

      I don't miss much on here mate..

      Ps, don't know how to pm on the new format..
      1. Sean Daleer likes this.
      2. Sean Daleer
        Sean Daleer
        Nothing to do with you or @Alan Turing (Minty) mate. Just fucking sick of having to tiptoe around some fucking idiots on here for fear of getting banned. I can't help thinking if I was getting as personal as jungo I would have been canned long ago.
        Dec 3, 2016
    3. Yukio Mishima
    4. Yukio Mishima
      Yukio Mishima
      Have you seen how many likes I've got now mate?
    5. Yukio Mishima
      Yukio Mishima
      Best wishes for Thursday mate, hope all goes well & that she gets a good send off.
    6. The Prof
      The Prof

    7. PaulM1888
    8. Chefe
      Hi mate. New game of mafia starting and we need a few contestants. You in?
    9. Mcguire1
    10. Shaun
      That's the plan lol
      Ta buddy
    11. Shaun
      I'll give you a score or something the morro buddy...been here 8 years, nice to be nice..
      Appreciated m8
    12. Minty
    13. Random Black Guy
      Random Black Guy
      Good stuff mate, glad yous are in a good place.

    14. Random Black Guy
      Random Black Guy
      Cheers bro!

      I actually thought this white buffallo dude was a bit of a prick anaw, but I'll let it slide now that I now it's you LOLOLOLOL

      Just back from Rome mate, I have went religious again haha

      How is life in the Daleer household???
    15. Random Black Guy
      Random Black Guy
      Naw mate, I hadn't a clue :smiley-laughing002::smiley-laughing002::smiley-laughing002::smiley-laughing002:

      Thought you had fucked off in a cream puff :56::56::56:

      I am so happy you're still here though, luv ya babes xx
    16. Minty
      Hey mate, just a wee reminder to vote on BOTB this weekend if you get the chance. Thanks.
    17. The Prof
      The Prof
      Wasn't sure if you wanted the white and buffalo with a Capital ?
    18. The Prof
      The Prof
      Because i want to give others a chance :icon_mrgreen:

      Naw tbh mate i'm on a different level to ordinary members and i couldn't lower myself to partake in an event that would mean engaging with the peasants :smiley-laughing002: :52:

      Seriously mate i've just never gave it a thought, maybe i'll give it a go :50:
    19. kyndig
      Boo hoo ya clown
    20. Minty
      No worries mate. :50:
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