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    1. \o/
      Have you ever read Broony's book?
      1. Just Kieran
        Just Kieran
        No, any good?
        Mar 24, 2017
      2. \o/
        Interesting mate, just reading you talking about Mowbray's time at Celtic. Broony's bit on that is quite revealing, I wouldn't do it justice but it was about Broony being so excited with him becoming manager... then the downfall, the difference between him at us and Hibs etc.

        Interesting as fuck. Talks up Glen Loovens like fuck as well, when it came to holding the squad together.
        Mar 24, 2017
      3. Just Kieran
        Just Kieran
        It doesn't seem to be available anywhere but the Celtic superstore - where it's £20. So I'll have to take your word on it.
        Can see why he was excited after their time at Hibs. Shame how it all fell apart for the big man.
        Mar 24, 2017
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    2. Sonny Crockett
      Sonny Crockett
      Happy Birthday baw jaws
    3. Taz
      That was a really nice write up! Didn't get to follow the game live, so this really brought it to life, and can't ask for more than that! :50:
    4. Slaw
      Great article on the inter game mate, enjoyed that
    5. Daver
      That Kieran mate - very much appreciated!
    6. Marie
      Happy Birthday Kieran x
    7. BuckeyeBhoy
      Happy Birthday!
    8. Pennywise
      Happy Birthday !!
    9. Harry Caray
      Harry Caray
      Thanks mate !
    10. Tulf
      Happy Birthday Mate!
    11. Marie
      Happy Birthday Kieran x x x
    12. HunSkelper
      Happy birthday!

    13. Pennywise
      Happy Birthday
    14. R.A.
      Happy Birthday! :party:
    15. Sonny Crockett
      Sonny Crockett
      Same to you!!
    16. James
      happy birthday mate
    17. Taz
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a great day!:60:
    18. Silent Singer
      Silent Singer
      yeah they split, apparently we were too rowdy on the bus so they started going on there own.
    19. Silent Singer
      Silent Singer
      im on the blackpool bus mate, the preston bus used to share with us and weve allways been able to take a drink. thought it would be strange if they had stated using a bus they werent aloud to drink on if they were used to ours for years.
      Hi i am not able to post on ticket exchange as i have not enough posts but i agreed to give 2 tickets to Geo he sent me his phone no and i have texted him twice and rang his phone it just rings out i have pm him twice i am still willing to give him the two tickets but if i dont hear from him by 2 tomorrow i will give them to first come i will be on line until ten tonite as leaving to get early ferry. so if you or any other moderator want to let people know thet can have the tickets if i dont hear from him by then
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