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    1. P O'Neill
      P O'Neill
      What's the most goals scored against the Huns (Rangers and Sevco) in one season?

      I think Henrik got 6 in MON's Treble season and that's the most in recent memory. But has anyone ever scored more than that?
    2. mygirlmaria
      Aye, that sounds ridiculous chase it.
      1. ILoveTheCeltic
        Just incase you were wondering they only paid him the double said the 2nd favourite was void
        Oct 2, 2016
      2. mygirlmaria
        shite mate, as ever with those cunts.
        Oct 2, 2016
    3. mygirlmaria
      I agree, they seem to be at it. Regardless of when it was pulled out, it was so close in the betting to the one that won, they must have been toing and froing between each other for 2nd favouritism, so it seems natural to me that whichever horse was 2nd favourite at the 'Off', would be 2nd favourite. I think he should chase it up.

      That said, i havent figured out how much it is worth to him....if not a lot, it might seem not worthwhile, even if there is a principle at stake.
    4. mygirlmaria
      Did he specifically write the bet out as '2nd favourite' or write the name of the horse? The honest answer is i dont know, as bookies seem to make up the rules as they go along at times, but he could try this:
    5. Mr Monaghan
      Mr Monaghan
      Cheers mate.

      Was discussing it briefly with Marky and wanted to know in comparison to Griffiths.
    6. Mr Monaghan
      Mr Monaghan
      I have a question for you oh mighty one...

      How many headed goals did Gary Hooper score with us?
    7. \o/
      You wouldn't happen to have the top scoring midfielders ever for us stats would you?
    8. KRS-1888
      I gotta pocket full of stone.
    9. Mcguire1
      Alright bud, one for you to get stuck in to. Seeing as our season ticket's are looking good and that thread is up, if you can get your claws in to how we compare to the top sides in England and maybe the big leagues in Europe? Ta..
    10. \o/
      Fancy updating your Stat thread mate?
    11. Seosamh Máirtín
      Seosamh Máirtín
      Love your new signature, mate!
    12. Sean Daleer
      Sean Daleer
      happy new year mate!
    13. Sean Daleer
    14. Sean Daleer
      Sean Daleer
      I meant that mate, you are a stand up guy on here and I look forward to your posts. I was just having a wee bit of fun.
    15. \o/
      Good man :50:

      I've no idea where you find all these but It'll be interesting to see. Was thinking how high Larsson would rank up there.
    16. \o/
      Here's one for you bud, whose scored the most "big goals" for Celtic. League winning games, cup semis/finals etc etc.

      Think you'd be able to get that? :50:
    17. Random Black Guy
      Random Black Guy
      So, how does it feel being famous hahah
    18. \o/
      That post wasn't totally aimed at you btw mate, just realised it, am half cut with the rebs on lol
    19. Doire_Bhoy
      I'm trying to send you a PM but your inbox is full.
    20. Daver
      Aye aye got an update on the stats? PS, took me a fucking age to find the thread. Wish it was a sticky - does my head in......I did ask......
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